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California against the sea

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By Rosanna Xia

The California coast grew and prospered during a remarkable moment in history when the sea was at its tamest.

A California Beach not very enticing??

But the mighty Pacific, unbeknownst to all, was nearing its final years of a calm but unusual cycle that had lulled dreaming settlers into a false sense of endless summer.

Elsewhere, Miami has been drowning, Louisiana shrinking, North Carolina’s beaches disappearing like a time lapse with no ending. While other regions grappled with destructive waves and rising seas, the West Coast for decades was spared by a rare confluence of favorable winds and cooler water. This “sea level rise suppression,” as scientists call it, went largely undetected. Blinded from the consequences of a warming planet, Californians kept building right to the water’s edge.

But lines in the sand are meant to shift. In the last 100 years, the sea rose less than 9 inches in California. By the end of this century, the surge could be greater than 9 feet.

Wildfire and drought dominate the climate change debates in the state. Yet this less-talked-about reality has California cornered. The coastline is eroding with every tide and storm, but everything built before we knew better — Pacific Coast Highway, multimillion-dollar homes in Malibu, the rail line to San Diego — is fixed in place with nowhere to go.

But the world is getting hotter, the great ice sheets still melting, the rising ocean a slow-moving disaster that has already swept past California’s front door. Seaside cliffs are crumbling in Pacifica, bringing down entire buildings. Balboa Island, barely above sea level, is spending $1.8 million to raise the wall that separates it from the ocean.

Winter storms pummeled a Capistrano Beach boardwalk, turning the idyllic shoreline into a construction zone as bulldozers rushed to stack boulders into a barricade. From San Diego to Humboldt counties, homeowners scramble to fend off increasing erosion and storm surges, pleading with officials for bigger seawalls that can hold back the even bigger ocean. Rest of story here

Homosassa Man Dies Parking Lot Race Track Sunday

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A Homosassa man died Sunday evening in a hospital after being injured earlier that morning when a truck rear-ended his bicycle in the parking lot of a RaceTrac gas station.

Following the 8:43 a.m. collision at the RaceTrac on the corner of U.S. 19 and West Homosassa Trail, medics transported Jeromy Landon Bresler to Ocala Regional Medical Center with serious injuries, according to a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) crash report.

Bresler later died at 6:07 p.m. He was 36.

According to FHP’s report, Bresler rode into the gas station’s parking lot ahead of a southbound Chevrolet pickup driven by 32-year-old Weeki Wachee resident Jamie Jo Fox-Brady, who didn’t see Bresler and collided with the back of his bicycle.

FHP reported that alcohol was not involved. Charges are pending.

“Here We Go Again:” This Judge Blocked Another Mississippi Abortion Ban and He’s Tired

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n May 27, 2019

A U.S. district judge temporarily blocked a Mississippi law that would ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy Friday evening, after the only abortion clinic left in Mississippi sued to stop the law from going into effect.

And in his sarcastic, searing opinion, Judge Carlton Reeves makes it clear that he’s fed up with the Mississippi legislature’s attempts to restrict access to abortion.

“Here we go again,” Reeves wrote in his opinion’s very first line. “Mississippi has passed another law banning abortions prior to viability.”

Late last year, Reeves struck down another Mississippi law that sought to ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. In his Friday opinion, Reeves pointed out that the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that a woman has a right to get an abortion prior to fetal viability — which generally occurs at 24 weeks. REST OF STORY HERE…

Gov. DeSantis and Florida Leaders in Israel

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A group including Gov. Ron DeSantis, politicians, business leaders, lobbyists and academics land in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

A Visit Florida ad was the first thing to greet the Florida delegation to Israel as they disembarked in Tel Aviv after a 12 hour flight. [Jeffrey Schweers / Florida Society of News Editors]

By Jeffrey Schweers 3 hours ago

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – While Florida slept nearly 100 politicians, business leaders, lobbyists and academics flew to Israel after a 30-minute delay caused by security checks.

This intrepid reporter was among at least a dozen other passengers pulled into a private, secure room to have his bags checked one last time before boarding. Israeli security put our laptops and cameras under intense scrutiny.

We touched down in Tel Aviv after an uneventful flight at 6:05 p.m. Israel time (11:05 EST), and were greeted by a Visit Florida advertisement exhorting visitors to “Follow Your Sunshine” upon disembarking. The Florida tourism agency just announced that it was laying off 44 of its 135 employees after state lawmakers slashed its budget by more than a third.

Young said there are 35-40 VISIT FLORIDA billboards around Tel Aviv https://t.co/AaBuMNFEft— Jeff Schweers (@jeffschweers) May 26, 2019

This reporter also caught a glimpse of Gov. DeSantis behind a rope line on his cell phone wearing a navy blazer and his trademark black cowboy boots.

The delegation breezed through security and customs and were greeted by our Israeli hosts before boarding charter buses to the Hilton where most of delegation is staying while in Tel Aviv.

A meet and greet is planned for later today.

I had brief chat with Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz, who plans to tour the Israeli emergency management center at the Gaza border tomorrow.

Sen. Lauren Book said she’s excited to meet with security experts tomorrow morning to learn more about school security.

And Rep. Randy Fine hopes to talk to experts about water quality, given his concerns about the Indian River Lagoon.

USA TODAY NETWORK – FLORIDA Statehouse Reporter Jeffrey Schweers is accompanying Gov. Ron DeSantis and his 90-plus member delegation on his Israeli business development mission this week as a pool reporter for the Florida Society of News Editors. Schweers will provide regular reports and updates from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for Florida’s newspapers. Follow him on Twitter for updates @jeffschweers.Jeffrey Schweersuz


Two Editors on How to Make an Abortion Ban Funny

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The cofounders of satire site Reductress talk about how they’re capturing people’s collective rage.


What’s funny about a total abortion ban? Very little. Yet last week, people were gleefully sharing the darkly humorous headlines and stories published by the women’s satire site Reductress, guffawing at its acerbic coverage of the extreme anti-choice laws coming out of Georgia, Ohio, and Alabama to tens of thousands of retweets.

The site has been unsparing in its criticism. A favorite subject of the recent slate of stories is the conservative hypocrisy surrounding abortion legislation: “I Believe God Gave Us All Free Will—Except Pregnant Woman,” reads one headline, accompanied by a photo of an Alabama Governor Kay Ivey grinning; “Senator Says the Only Acceptable Way to Kill a Fetus Is With a Gun,” reads another; “Life Is Sacred, That’s Why This Nonviable Fetus Should Stay Inside Me So We Can Both Die,” reads a third.

Reductress lays bare the components of recent anti-choice legislation that amount to pure cruelty, like the lack of exceptions for rape and incest in Alabama’s abortion ban: “Life Begins the Second a Girl’s Uncle Decides on Incest,” contributor Alexandra Ozeri wrote in a May 15th headline.

And headlines like “What Surprised Me Most About Becoming a Parent Was That I Was Forced to by the Government” are both funny and a punch to the gut—as some people on Twitter pointed out, the world in which these headlines simply reflect reality seems to have grown frighteningly near.


A Sunday Morning Chronicle Flyby

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Former WWE star Ashley Massaro dead at 39

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Former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro died on Thursday at 39. Former WWE star Ashley Massaro (R) died on Thursday morning. She was 39. (Getty

Former WWE star Ashley Massaro died on Thursday, the WWE confirmed. She was 39.

Massaro, according to The Blast, was transported from her home in Long Island, New York, to a hospital around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday morning where she died. The cause of death is not yet known, though it has been classified as “non-criminal,” according to TMZ.

She tweeted Wednesday afternoon that she had just answered “a ton of fan mail”.

“We are saddened to learn of the tragic death of former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro,” the WWE said in a statement. “She performed in WWE from 2005-2008 and was beloved by her fellow Superstars and fans around the world. WWE offers its condolences to Ashley’s family and friends.”

Massaro’s career took off after she won the “2005 Raw Diva Search,” and she won the WWE Women’s Championship against Melina at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007. She also briefly competed on “Survivor: China” in 2007, though was voted off in the second episode.

Massaro was part of a lawsuit filed by 60 former professional wrestlers against the WWE claiming that the company failed to protect them from repeated head trauma, which resulted in long-term brain damage, according to NBC News. That lawsuit was dismissed last year after a judge determined that several claims were either frivolous or that the statute of limitations had expired, per the report.

Massaro also alleged in the lawsuit that she was sexually assaulted on a WWE trip to an American military base in Kuwait in 2006. She said she was examined by a company doctor after returning from the trip, who then reported the incident to WWE executives. Those executives, she said, later met with her “to apologize for their negligence, but [they] persuaded her that it would be best not to report it to appropriate authorities,” according to the Boston Globe.

Receipt found in dumpster with live newborn led cops to mom

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By Lisa J. Huriash , Marc Freeman  and Juan Ortega

| South Florida Sun Sentinel |

May 10, 2019 | 5:02 PM

| West Boca

Receipt found in dumpster with live newborn led cops to mom

Rafaelle Sousa, 35, is accused of abandoning her newborn daughter in a dumpster in West Boca. (Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)

The Sheriff’s Office was going door to door at the apartment complex, trying to figure out who would leave a newborn baby girl in the dumpster, her head wrapped in a plastic garbage bag and discarded with the rest of the household trash.

They were closing in, and found their way to a ground-floor apartment at Building 6 of the sprawling West Boca complex off State Road 7 on Wednesday. It was the dumpster for this building.

But Rafaelle Alessandra Carbalho Sousa wouldn’t answer the door when they came knocking.

She would tell her neighbor in their native Portuguese after detectives had left that she was a nail-tech doing manicures and pedicures out of her home without a permit, her neighbor said.

“’I didn’t open my door. I don’t have papers,’” Sousa said, according to the neighbor.

“They just want to know about the baby,” the neighbor told her.

“I don’t speak English,” Sousa responded.

Still, Sousa said she canceled her afternoon appointments in case the Sheriff’s Office came back again asking questions, the neighbor said.

The neighbor, who asked not to be identified for her own safety, said she still didn’t think anything was off when she saw Sousa on Thursday wearing a blue garment around her belly to flatten her stomach. The neighbor teased Sousa that she ought to take it off.

“They’re going to think you’re the mother,” she joked. Sousa laughed.

“Oh, I didn’t think,” she answered.

Neighbors saw Sousa arrested Thursday, led away in handcuffs into an ambulance.

Her husband reportedly told neighbors he didn’t know his wife was pregnant. And he told the same thing to the Sheriff’s Office, who wrote on the arrest report that “he found out when police first arrived because she whispered to him” that it was her baby in the dumpster.

“I put the baby in the dumpster,” were among the first words Sousa uttered to law enforcement, according to the arrest report, which also identifies her as a nail technician.

Cops didn’t crack the case going door-to-door in the end.

Instead, Sousa also left behind another clue that led to her arrest: A receipt from the beauty-supply store where she recently shopped, deputies say.

Sousa, 35, admitted placing her baby girl in a bag and throwing her in the dumpster, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Friday. But that plan was foiled when workers at her apartment complex found the child alive Wednesday after hearing cries coming from the dumpster.

The baby, who weighed nearly seven pounds, was found in a white plastic garbage bag with a red tie. The girl’s head also was wrapped in a yellow and white plastic bag that also contained coffee grinds and other household trash.

Rafaelle Alessandra Carbalho Sousa, the mother accused of abandoning her newborn girl in a West Boca dumpster, will be kept in jail without bond, a judge ruled Friday morning.

Rafaelle Alessandra Carbalho Sousa, the mother accused of abandoning her newborn girl in a West Boca dumpster, will be kept in jail without bond, a judge ruled Friday morning. (Marc Freeman)

Detectives found a similar trash bag in the dumpster, with blood-soaked napkins and a receipt from Fantastic Beauty Supply, a store in Deerfield Beach whose system can store customers’ telephone numbers. Employees were able to match the receipt and provide deputies Sousa’s phone number, a sheriff’s arrest report said. Deputies then determined Sousa lives in an apartment near the dumpster, in the 10300 block of Boca Entrada Boulevard.

Diane Burton, a 20-year employee for the beauty-supply store, said she had been following the news Wednesday when the newborn was found in West Boca.

“When I got to work Thursday morning, detectives had been here interviewing some of the employees,” Burton, 54, recalled. The detectives also reviewed the store’s surveillance footage, and “they did spot her on video.”

She was surprised to learn the newborn’s mom had shopped at the store as recently as Tuesday, she said.

“They were able to identify her with the receipt and the videotape, and I guess that cohesively led to the arrest of this lady,” Burton said. “Thank God.”

Burton said her co-workers recalled having “no clue” that the newborn’s mom was pregnant. “The clothing that she wore was a little blousy,” Burton said. “But they couldn’t really tell if she was pregnant or in seasonal apparel.”

She said detectives also encountered a bit of luck: Within the past year, the beauty-supply store upgraded its system so all receipts include the store’s name, as well as its contact information. Previously, the receipts didn’t identify the store, she said. “It’s been very helpful in this case,” she said.

People who had seen Sousa in recent days said they didn’t realize she was pregnant, partly because she wore loose-fitting clothes. Sousa’s neighbor, a woman who frequently chatted with her, said she didn’t know — and couldn’t tell — that Sousa was pregnant.

“She never told me," said the neighbor. "She dressed in black, and she looked normal.”

The neighbor said Sousa and her husband are from Brazil and have a 3-year-old son. On Friday, a blue stroller sat outside of the family’s unit at Alister Boca Raton apartments.

Even a couple months ago she complimented Sousa on what a wonderful mother she was.

The neighbor said Sousa had laid out a blanket on the grass for her son, playing with him and spreading out food “like a picnic.”

“You’re such a good mother,” the neighbor remembered telling her. “I never do that with my kids.”

After the baby was found in the dumpster, the neighbor said she told Sousa how upset she was. “How could a mother do this?” she asked. “Why didn’t she give it to somebody? She could have given it to me. I don’t have a girl."

“Me too! I don’t understand it," Sousa replied, according to the neighbor. "I don’t believe it.”

At Sousa’s court appearance Friday, Circuit Judge Ted Booras ordered her held without bond on charges of attempted felony murder and aggravated child abuse. “She is not allowed to have contact with the minor child, the victim in this case,” Booras said.

A Portuguese interpreter translated the judge’s instructions.

The Sheriff’s Office said Sousa told detectives what she had done.

Live newborn found at dumpster in West Boca »

“She stated she tried to get the baby to respond and waited three hours to see if the baby would breathe,” detectives said in the report. “She also said she went back twice to the dumpster to make sure the baby was dead but never approached the bag because there were people in the parking area around the dumpster.”REST OF STORY HERE

‘Volcano tsunami’ hits Indonesia after Krakatoa eruption

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Mount Anak Krakatoa eruption seen on July 19, 2018 in Kalianda, Indonesia

At least 20 people have been killed and 165 injured after a tsunami hit the coast around Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, government officials say.

The country’s disaster management agency says two people are missing, and dozens of buildings were damaged.

It says the possible cause of the tsunami were undersea landslides after the Krakatoa volcano erupted.

The Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean.

The deaths were reported in the Pandeglang, South Lampung and Serang regions.

Footage posted by the head of the disaster management agency showed the aftermath of the tsunami, with flooded streets and an overturned car.

IOWA Students at North Butler and Clarksville schools can take firearms course in spring

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Firearm safety is being added to the curriculum in the North Butler and Clarksville Community School Districts.

Starting in the spring, a mandatory hunter safety course taught by Butler County Conservation will be implemented into the 7th and 8th grade PE curriculum. A voluntary, closed class will be added for those in grades 9-12 who want to participate. Rest of story here……

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