GOP remembering their last President at the Convention-A special moment!


In a poignant moment during the Grand Ole Party (Republican) Convention last week, a moment of silent prayer was held at the beginning remembering the GOP last Republican President and his illustrious cabal of associates who ran the country just a mere three and half years ago! George Bush and Dick Cheney. The men who initialized the privatization of government agencies, who wanted Social Security, privatized, who deregulated the banks and Wall Street, who gave free reign to the Military-Industrial Complex (President Eisenhower’s Term) who basically set in motion all of the actions that brought about the Great Recession, Two Wars and the unquenchable thirst for more and more.

Oh, WAIT A MINUTE, NO, YOU DIDN’T MISS THAT, it never happened!!

You see, there is NO POIGNANCY in remembering the two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney, the two men who, more than any individuals in the past 236 years (Declaration of Independence), did more to bring this Great Country to it’s knees, than anybody else, ever did!

So, it is the hope, with this grand omission, the liars and crooks that put us into the abyss, will be forgotten, along with their policies, so that the new wannabes, thieves in the night, can reinstate their policies and put the final nails in the coffin of this great land. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!




And finally, New Rule: Republicans don’t have to accept evolution, economics, climatology, or human sexuality, but I just watched a week of their national convention, and I need them to admit the historical existence of George W. Bush.  (audience applause)

If your party can run the nation for eight years, and then have a national convention and not invite Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Karl Rove, or Tom DeLay… (audience applause) you’re not a political movement, you’re the witness protection program.

In fact, Republicans, next time, instead of holding a convention without your most recent President, your most recent Vice-President, your most recent Vice-Presidential nominee, and most of the runners-up from your most recent primary, why not just wave one of those Men in Black memory eraser wands in our face, and make us forget everything we know about you?  (audience applause)

Now, I’m sure Sarah Palin would’ve been uncomfortable at the convention — much of it was held indoors — but isn’t it traditional to invite the last nominee for VP?  Even if conceiving her was a mistake, aren’t you morally obliged to bring her to term? (wild audience applause)

Cuz if you went by what they said this week, here’s how the history of America went down.  OK, first the Founding Fathers — you know, the original teabaggers — they got the Constitution directly from Jesus.  Then the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.  And the Republican Party to this very day has never stopped fighting for the black man.

Except that Romney and Ryan are now polling at zero.  Zero percent among blacks.  They couldn’t get a black guy to vote for them if they gave him a Lincoln!  (audience applause)  And Mitt Romney may yet try that.

And then came, of course, St. Reagan, who was the innovator of the Republican Party’s greatest power, the ability to completely forget.  So I’m just asking, how can we trust Republicans with the future, when as far as I can tell from Tampa, the world ended the year Reagan left office?  Like in 1988, we all just fell into a deep sleep listening to "Pour Some Sugar on Me", and when we woke up on Monday morning, Obama and his Negro army had wrecked the joint.  (wild audience applause)

I mean, come on!  George Bush was President just 3 ½ years ago!  They talk about him like he’s some vague pop culture reference from way back, like the Snapple lady, or that rap duo who wore their pants on backwards.  He was President for two terms!  It’s like holding a Star Trek convention, and not inviting Shatner.

Because, let’s be real.  If you’re trying to sell what the Republican Party can do for you, it’s best not to remind people of what its recent fuck-ups actually did to you.  (audience applause)  Especially during hurricane season!

The past accomplishments of the team that tanked the economy, legalized torture, and made the surplus disappear, is not the best advertisement for the future, for the same reason you never hear the words, "from the director of Corky Romano…."

Juncture in History Installment 3

these lives and buildings constituted a cover-up of continued lawlessness by a fraternity or

brotherhood of businessmen and criminals often referred to as the Enterprise‘ in the 1980s, but has

remained in the shadows since.

The War Chest

The story of these bonds and their source of funding has been publicized on the internet for several years, but the story has never really gained much credibility (until now), even though the bonds themselves have been at the heart of several law suits and criminal proceedings. In trying to understand the origins of what seems at first glance to be a sort of cold war internet-legend, history suggests that in September of 1991, George H.W. Bush and Alan Greenspan did indeed finance $240 billion in bonds in a buyout of the Soviet Union as part of a broader program to end the Cold War through an attack on the economy of the Soviet Union. More-over, President George H.W.Bush had initiated a number of related covert operations to takeover certain sectors of the Soviet economy, and ten years later in 2001, these programs had finally come back to haunt the U.S.policy makers. Most, if not all of these programs appear to have stepped outside of the boundaries of the law. As a result, investigative agencies from Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines were putting pressure on Congress and the U.S. Department of Justice to open up the accounts in the banks used to finance these covert activities, which were being viewed as criminal activities in foreign courts. Alan Greenspan, the Treasury Department and key banks in the U.S. and Europe were being sued for gold-price fixing or illegal gold sales which appears to have

it‘s origins in the covert war chest used to wage this war. At the same time, the suits brought by the Holocaust survivors victims of the Marcos regime, and the US Congress under influence of pro-Israeli lobbyists were putting pressure on the Swiss banking cartel to open it‘s bullion records to

public scrutiny. Full disclosure by these banks during an investigation would have resulted in a major exposure of U.S. Government complicity in some of the greatest financial fraud of the 1980sand early 1990s as well as 50 years of gold bullion theft by numerous U.S. and British government agencies. Moreover, investigation into these accounts would disclose a National Security secret known as the Black Eagle fund, and virtually every covert operation since World War II. Bringing an end to these investigations and preventing this disclosure was the sole objective for the destruction of the WTC and Pentagon.These investigative and legal pressures began to accumulate in 1997, and in February 1998, Osama Bin Laden declared his fatwa, and Atta started planning the September 11 attacks. To understand the decisions made in 1998 which brought about the attack on the World Trade Center, one must go back in history to appreciate the magnitude of exposure these bankers and government officials faced. Ten years prior to the planning that Atta was beginning, planning had begun for economic war on the Soviet Union. The source of funding for this covert war is traced to the end of World War II, but it was not until 1986 did the size of that war chest make the 1991 attack on the Soviet Union feasible. Understanding the source of that funding is absolutely critical to understanding why the World Trade Center was destroyed in 2001.Numerous sources have documented that at the end of World War Two, the treasury of the Japanese Empire was discovered in the Philippines by a staff member of General Charles Willoughby, who was General MacArthur‘s chief of Intelligence. Then known as the Golden Lily Treasure, this mass of wealth had been accumulated by the Japanese with over fifty years of its army pillaging Southeast Asia and China. It was deposited in the Philippines due to the U.S. submarine blockade of Japan. Reports vary, but documents in the public domain suggest there covered treasure was in excess of 280,000 metric tons of gold, not including jewels and diamonds. After the War that staff member, Edward Lansdale and Severino Garcia Diaz SantaRomana tortured Major Kojima Kashii

General Yamashita Tomoyuki‘s driver –

until he revealed and created a map of the gold sites.Lansdale briefed Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy about the findings, and a U.S. Cabinet level decision was made to confiscate the gold and cover-up its discovery. The gold would be added to the Black Eagle Trust fund. It was McCloy, along with Secretary of the Navy Robert B.Anderson and Secretary of War Henry L Stimson who created the Black Eagle Trust. John McCloy, who had shared a box at the 1939 Olympics with Adolph Hitler, went on to become President of the World Bank. Robert Anderson would go on to operate the Commercial Exchange Bank in the British West Indies, be convicted of running illegal banking operations and tax evasion,and be sentenced to prison. A fourth member of that group

William Wild Bill‘ Donovan –

would go on to found the CIA, distribute the gold to key banks represented by his staffers, and establish AIG as a key partner in the CIA‘s covert operations.

The trust they created takes its name from the Nazi Black Eagle stamped on the gold bars of the Third Reich. Gold bullion confiscated from the Reich and not returned to its rightful owners and their heirs was the original source of funding for this trust. Over the years, the significance of the Nazi gold would pale in comparison to the confiscated Japanese treasure. As the fund grew, it was distributed in private accounts across the globe in over 100 banks, and administered by General Earle Cocke, financial advisor to every U.S. President from Truman to Clinton, until his death.Most of the individuals who controlled these accounts are long dead, and attempts by their heirs to access these accounts have been met with stonewalling, false imprisonment or death under suspicious circumstances. Santa Romano‘s heirs are one example. Mrs. V. K. Durham is one such individual. Her husband, Colonel Russell Herman, controlled the Durham Trust. This report will return to their story in a little while. John J. McCloy had long been involved in the murky world of espionage, intrigue and Nazis. He spent the decade of the 1930s working out of Paris. Much of his time was spent on a law case stemming from German sabotage in World War I. His investigation took him to Berlin, where he shared a box with Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. He was in contact with Rudolph Hess before the Nazi leader made a mysterious flight to England in 1941.From 1954 to 1970, he was chairman of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations in New York. McCloy served as Assistant Secretary of War during World War II, president of the World Bank,and U.S. High Commissioner for Germany.As an assistant secretary in the War Department during the war:

  • McCloy blocked the executions of nazi war criminal so Forged a pact with the Vichy Regime of pro-nazi Admiral Darlan.
  • Displaced Japanese-Americans in California to internment camps.
  • Refused to recommend the bombing of nazi concentration camps to spare the inmates on grounds ―the cost would be out of proportion to any possible benefits.
  • Refused Jewish refugees entry to the U.S.

Project Hammer

The men responsible for initiating and executing the confiscation of Nazi and Japanese treasurygold represent the most senior Intelligence officers in the U.S. and Britain at the end of World War II, and the Cabinet of the President of the United States. From the Office of Strategic Services

the OSS

the decision-makers were:

  • Wild Bill Donovan, the most decorated soldier of World War I and head of the OSS and his direct staff which included:
  • Allen Dulles, future Director of the CIA and a principal of Bank of New York, and legal representative of Brown Brothers, Harriman.
  • Henry S Morgan and Spencer Morgan. Henry and Spencer were the sons of JP Morgan, and would return from their service to manage the financial empire that would evolve from JP Morgan
  • to Morgan and Chase to then to Chase Manhattan‘ to finally what in 2008 was known as Chase.
  • Paul Helliwell would become the primary covert operations banker for U.S. intelligence, setting up in Nassau Castle Bank and then Mercantile Bank and Trust. When Castle Bank needed to be closed, he set up Nugan Hand Bank. When the Nugan Hand Bank closed, he helped shift banking operations to Household Bank in Chicago, Illinois and to the notorious BCCI bank. His front man,and associate of Bill Donovan was General Earle (a.k.a. Erle) Cocke.
  • General Earl Cocke would be the financial advisor to every President from Truman until Cocke‘s
  • death in the year 2000. Cocke was a true American hero in the classical sense: the recipient of the Silver Star, four Bronze Stars and four Purple Hearts. He was also the coordinator for the Black Eagle Fund and Project Hammer, which would be used to bring down the Soviet Union and attempt to bring Soviet oil and gas resources under the control of Western investors.
  • George S Moore; future President and CEO of First National City Bank of New York, which would evolve to become Citibank. Citibank would end up with over 116,000 metric tons of the Marcos Gold.
  • General George Olmsted; was another World War II hero who subsequently was responsible for distributing U.S. Military Assistance, later becoming President of a Washington DC based bank holding company known as International Bank, which took over the CIA‘s Mercantile Bank and Trust inthe Bahamas. Under Olmsted‘s leadership, International Bank sold Financial General Bank shares(FGB) then known as First American, to BCCI.
  • William Colby future CIA director and lawyer for Helliwell‘s covert operation banks.• William Casey, decorated World War II veteran, future Director of the CIA. Casey took over from Paul Helliwell the Secret Intelligence Branch of the OSS in Europe in 1945.These men would form the core of the OSS that worked to create an ―apparatus belli, and virtually all of them would play a dominant role in the worlds‘ most important banks. From the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) came participation and support for the OSS from John and William Keswick from the Jardine Matheson Bank. The Keswick family would also control the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation(HSBC). Fifty years later, the financial institutions represented by these individuals would become the major financial banks in the world, along with the Swiss-German banks they hid their gold in. Wild Bill Donovan, Lansdale and Santa Romana were made responsible for recovery of the treasure. They fabricated a Communist Revolution by the Hukbalahak rebels in order to confiscate the land where much of the gold was buried, and proceeded to mine it. 56 Several sites sit on Clark Air Force Base. Over the years, Lansdale‘s personal account in Zurich grew to over thirty thousand metric tons – greater than the national treasury of any modern nation state. Santa Romana had multiple accounts, the largest single account was valued at over 20,000 metric tons. While these accounts were created in their names, over time it would be shown these were actually government accounts. As a point of reference, the annual gold production of the world is estimated to be 1,200 tons, and in 1980 the 10 U.S. gold repository at Fort Knox held only 8,221tonnes. There has been no public report of the Fort Knox inventory since 1980. According to David Guyatt and Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, the Yamashita gold would become the cornerstone of the Black Eagle Fund, from which many covert operations of the U.S.intelligence would be funded. 58 The most common interpretation international law is that the gold should have been either returned to the countries from which it was stolen (as was done with the Nazi gold), or should have been incorporated into the U.S. Treasury. With no uncertain terms, the U.S. Government‘s continued efforts to stifle news on this matter provides prima facie evidence that the confiscation of this gold is illegal.
  • Lansdale‘s operation in the Philippines gave birth to most of the common features of modern covert operations for U.S. Intelligence: bribery, theft, torture, and false flag operations. It would be Lansdale who would initiate a bond between the US intelligence organizations and the Israeli intelligence. It would be Lansdale that would set precedents for the Intelligence community to retain the services of organized crime on U.S. soil. Lansdale would hire American Mafia family heads Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano in the U.S. war against Fidel Castro in 1961, much as he would hire the Italian Mafia families to wage an illegal operation against the Italian Communist party.

    ―…the gangsters in Lansdale‘s employ were the very gangsters the FBN was chasing–

    Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano. … The CIA‘s connection, of course, began with Wild Bill Donovan‘s old OSS and its recruitment of Lucky Luciano and the Corsican Mafiosi to beat and murder Communist union dockworkers in Marseilles and else where along the Mediterranean Coast, and to seize Sicily from the Communists. With CIA blessing, and using drug running as a way of financing activities, the Mafia set up drug supply routes back to the U.S. Many an FBN operation would trace the drugs back to Mafia sources, in turn supplied through Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the Middle East, only to be thwarted by the far more powerful CIA stepping in and terminating the investigation on national security grounds.

    It would be Lansdale‘s team that would propose and justify sacrificing innocent U.S. civilians in order to rally the American citizenry to support an invasion of foreign soil. This was done under a program run by Brigadier General William H. Craig, who reported to Lansdale for the Cuba project. This project was called Operation Northwoods. Documents for this project would be accidentally released from the files of Robert McNamara into the public domain some 40 years later, exposing the degree to which Lansdale‘s operatives would go to wage war. In these documents, the U.S. military acknowledged it could wage a ―terror‖ campaign against US citizens in order to justify a second invasion of Cuba. It would be the first official recognition that US intelligence operations used terrorist tactics. It was Lansdale who oversaw the set up of assassination squads to target Fidel Castro while operating out of Florida. One of Lansdale‘s protégés in the assassination business was Ted Shackley, would go on to set up assassination squads in Vietnam under Operation Phoenix. Shackley would take Felix Rodriguez with him from the Cuba Project to Laos for a secret war in support of Vietnam. Felix Rodriguez was a close confidante of former CIA Director George H.W.Bush, and maintained direct phone contact with Bush when Bush became Vice President under Ronald Reagan. When the U.S. intelligence funded, Iran-Contra gun runninWild Bill Donovan, OSS to CIA EYEONCITRUS.COMg pilot was shot down in Nicaragua, it was Rodriguez that called George Bush to let him know that the pilothad been captured alive. In Vietnam, Shackley and Rodriguez would expand their circle of operatives to include Oliver North, Richard Secord and Richard Armitage. North, Secord and Armitage had proven themselves as men who could get results‘ against the communists by operating outside of the rules. They would provide the second generation of U.S. black ops leadership. The ‗whatever it takes‘ zeal that these men developed in service of their country was ruled unacceptable in U.S. Military courts at the Mai Lai Massacre trial, but it was still condoned by apparatus belli spawned by Wild Bill Donovan.Theodore G. ―Ted Shackley, Jr.

    Shackley was an American CIA officer involved in many important and controversial CIA operations during the 1960s and 1970s. He is one of the most decorated CIA officers. He was commonly known as the ―Blond Ghost‖ due to his dislike of being photographed. In 1976, he was appointed Associate Deputy Director for Operations, and was in charge of the CIA‘s worldwide covert operations. Shackley is perhaps best known for his involvement in CIA ―Black Operations, such as ―Phoenix‖ , ―Mongoose and ―Operation Cherry. Despite his retirement in 1979, controversy continued to surround Shackley over alleged involvement in the alleged ―October Surprise of 1980, and later the ―Iran Contra‖ affair of the mid eighties. He had hoped to return to the Agency, and according to Rafael Quintero, during the 1980presidential campaign, Shackley met Bush almost every week, and his wife, Hazel, also campaigned for Bush.His autobiography, Spymaster: My Life in the CIA, was published in April, 2005. Former CIA chief, Richard Helms described Shackley as a quadruple threat at his inauguration into the CIA Hall of Fame in 1979. Ted, said Helms at the time, ―Is what we call in the spook business a quadruple threat.

    Drugs, Arms, Money and Murder CIA agent Ted Shackley, called the Blond Ghost, the consummate spook, shows up in the index of practically every book ever written on the illegal drug trade, political assassination, and sabotage from the earliest days of the U.S. takeover from the French in Vietnam to Operation Mongoose and the Phoenix Program, right through Iran-Contra. He famously said: ―I fought the communists for twenty-eight years. I did a lot of bad things for my country. But I loved my country and did what I thought best.‖

    Of course, the case is easily made that Shackley also did a lot of bad things TO his country. Jonathan Kwitny, in his book The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA, sums up Shackley‘s career thus:

    Looking at the list of disasters Shackley has presided over during his career, one might even conclude that onTed Shackley-The Blond Ghost  EYEONCITRUS.COM the day the CIA hired Shackley it might have done better hiring a KGB agent; a Soviet mole probably could not have done as much damage to the national security of the United States with all his wiles as Shackley did with the most patriotic of intentions.

    While in Southeast Asia, North, Secord, Armitage, Rodriguez and Shackley would finance their operations through the Nugan Hand bank in Australia rather than with funds under congressional oversight. Nugan Hand Ltd. was founded in Sydney in 1973 by Australian lawyer Frank Nugan(who was reputedly associated with the Mafia) and former U.S. Green Beret Michael Jon Hand who operated in Northern Laos as part of the Phoenix Project. They were assisted in this by Paul Helliwell, one of the primary OSS agents in the original Yamashita gold operation. Frank Nugan‘s family ran the primary supply shipping operation between the U.S. Navy base in the Philippines and 11 Australia. It is through Frank Nugan and his business partner Peter Abeles, that insight is provided to the flow of some of this Marcos treasure. Peter Abeles was reputed to be a member of what was known in Australia as the Hungarian Mafia and a partner with Henry Keswick. Sir Henry Keswick was the son of SOE officer John Keswick. The Keswick family had controlling interest in Jardine Matheson, which owned and operated Ferdinand Marcos‘ gold smelting operation, which was opened in the mid 1970s. The Keswick family also had controlling interest in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), which was the largest holder of Santa Romana‘s known gold accounts, although Citibank would be the largest recipient of the confiscated treasure.When Romana died, the bank refused to hand over his accounts to his heirs, and confiscated his accounts.It was Peter Abeles and Sir Henry Keswick that brought Canadian businessman Peter Munk back to business prominence from a scandalous insider-trading lawsuit in Canada in 1967. Munk would partner with Adnan Kashoggi, Sheik Kamal and Edgar Bronfmann in a series of operations which ultimately would evolve into Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold would become an investment for nearly every gold bullion bank associated with the Marcos gold recovery. These banks would loan gold to Barrick, which would then sell the borrowed gold as derivatives, with the promise of replacing the borrowed gold with their gold mining operation. The records of many of those transactions disappeared when Enron collapsed and the trading operation and all its records were taken over by UBS, another major recipient of Marcos gold. The FBI was reportedly conducting an investigation into those transactions, and the investigation files were kept on the 23rd floor of the North Tower of the WTC. A review of the personal accounts of September 11 now suggests that office was deliberately targeted with explosives prior to the collapse of the WTC. The Nugan Hand Bank would be one of the many banks used for transferring the Marcos gold from the Philippines into covert operations. Brigadier General Earle Cocke was the President in chargeof the Nugan Hand Washington Office, and would be the key manager of Project Hammer and theBlack Eagle Trust. Other Nugan Hand Bank employees from U.S. Intelligence operations included:

    • General Leroy J. Manor (manager of the Manila branch) former chief of staff of the U.S. P

    acific;Command and deputy director for counterinsurgency and special activities; he shared his office

    with Marcos‘s brother -in-law ;

    • General Edwin F. Black (president of Hawaii branch) former commander of U.S. forces in


    • Richard Secord (all around operative with responsibilities in Iran-Contra, Vietnam assassinations,creating Mujahadeen armies in Afghanistan, and central Asia);

    • Dale Holmgreen (former chairman CIA‘s Civil Air Transport, manager of the Taiwan branch);• Richard L. Armitage (was special consultant to the Pentagon in Thailand who oversaw the transfer of heroin profits from Indonesia to Shackley‘s account in Tehran);• William Colby (former director of the CIA as legal counsel);

    • Rear Admiral Earl P. Yates, the former Chief of Staff for Policy and Plans of the U.S. Pacific Command and a counter-insurgency specialist, became president of the company;

    • Walter McDonald (retired CIA deputy director, headed Annapolis branch);

    • Dr. Guy Parker (an expert from the RAND Corporation who came on as a bank consultant) senior Republican foreign policy adviser.

    The bank was founded as a funding operation for U.S. covert operations in Australia, and was a conduit for Marcos gold. One of the objectives of the bank was to bring about the pre-mature closure of the Australian labor government. The Whitlam government had quietly threatened to nationalize subsidiaries of American corporations.

    The subsequent inquiries have established the Nugan-Hand bank was to be the organization used as cover for the operations of Task Force 157.The Task Force 157 was a group set up by Henry Kissinger and it was set up in a quite strange way.It was a mini-CIA which was actually separate from the CIA and probably was set up by Kissinger so he could deny any connection between what the Task Force 157 was doing and the CIA.

    Come back next time for Installment 4 of a Juncture in History.


Are we the real lab rats?

lab rat1 300x225 Straight Talk About Aspartame

Is aspartame poisoning an urban myth? Some doctors say so, the FDA says so, and snopes says so. Why would they say it was safe if it wasn’t true?

“Above all else, do no harm.”

Ever hear that phrase? It’s from the Hippocratic Oath. Too bad not all doctors swear in by it any more, and many don’t abide by it. Where medicine is concerned, shouldn’t it be about erring on the safe side and guiding people toward decisions that will better their health rather than harm it? I’m appalled, not just by our legal and health systems, but by the minions who follow popular soundbytes without bothering to check the facts.

Consider this: If soy, a product with healthful qualities, can be damaging to your health in larger quantities, how can anyone not question possible harmful effects from a man-made synthetic sweetener that’s now prevalent in more than 10,000 products and drugs?

I just don’t get it.

The FDA says it’s not going to hurt me. Shouldn’t I trust them?

In 1980, the FDA Public Board Of Inquiry voted unanimously to reject the use of aspartame. The short version as to why? (In their words, not mine.)

  • Flawed data
  • Brain tumor findings in animal studies
  • Lack of studies on humans to determine long-term effects

Want the longer version? Read the history timeline here on DORway, then read about theshady way it was approved, including being ramrodded through the approval process by Donald (one of the architects of death, editors note) Rumsfeld, who later went to work for the PR firm representing Searle (the company that first marketed the chemical). And if that weren’t enough, the Bressler Report, written by Jerome Bressler (who worked for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1977), describes numerous instances where Searle was less than forthcoming about reporting negative results. So the FDA allowed Searle to conduct and present their own tests and then to submit the findings of their choice. This, my friends, is a matter of pubic record. It’s a long read, but you can check it out a pdf of the official document here on DORway.

Incidentally, there have still been no studies done on humans to determine long-term effects, but the FDA seems to have conveniently ignored that part of their initial rationale.

So my question is… why should you trust the FDA?

Scratching head…

As a last word: To those who feel the FDA would never OK something and then stubbornly refuse to remove it from the marketplace because of the negative financial impact of removing it, I have only one question: Ever hear of cigarettes?

As long as I just stick to the FDA’s acceptable daily intake, I’m cool. I’m not worried.

Really? Do you know what the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of aspartame is? When it was first approved, it was 20 mgm/kgm bodyweight. Then, once it was approved for use in Coke products, for some reason, the FDA decided it was OK (without additional studies – we’ll call their rationale “The Science of Politics”) to raise the limit to 50 mgm per kgm body weight.

Consider this: At 20 mgm per kgm bodyweight, a 50 llb child can reach his ADI with 2 ½ cokes. You do the math.

Thanks again, FDA. Rest of story here….

Craiglist Advertisement Ends in Jail

imageA Citrus County man who placed an ad on Craigslist got a response from a Hernando County Detective. An undercover detective responded to the ad, which stated that the poster wanted to fulfill a violent sexual fantasy. The detected responded as an underage 14-year old girl and soon the 26 year old, David Jefford responded. There was a online conversation that lasted  several weeks. The man sent explicit sexual images of himself and described in detail what he wanted to do with the girl. Jefford recently applied to work as a detention deputy with Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, stated in one of his conversation with the girl that he would wear a condom when they finally had sex. He drove to Hernando County on Tuesday to meet the girl. Hernando sheriff’s deputies arrested him in the parking lot of Springbrook Hospital, west of Brooksville. He had a .45 caliber handgun and duct tape with him. Deputies learned that his application for the Pasco position had been turned down for unrelated reason. His is charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, transmission of material harmful to minors using an electronic device, unlawful computer transmission and traveling to meet a minor for sexual purposes. Bail was set at $13000. He had no prior criminal record.

Candidate Forum Crystal River FL GOP

CRYSTAL RIVER — All three showed up, engaged in lively debate and were on their best behavior.

County Commission District 1 candidates

Dennis Damato, Ron Kitchen and Renee Christopher-Mcpheeters

About 100 people crowded the American Legion Post 155 on Saturday morning to hear candidates for Citrus County Commission District 1 express their views in a campaign that is expected to draw much interest.

Incumbent Dennis Damato, seeking his third term, faces Crystal River Councilman Ron Kitchen and businesswoman Renee Christopher-McPheeters in the Republican primary. So far there are no Democrats in the race; official qualifying for the ballot is in June. If no Democrats enter the race than the primary will be it and the winner will get the office. Informed sources tell “The Eye” that Damato feels he has the election in the bag, with his huge war chest of funds and public sympathy for his medical condition.

Annie Jacobson’s new non-fiction book, Area 51, tells how Area 51 came into being, the real story of the crash at Roswell, and much more. All this information has been revealed through the Freedom of Information Act. You’ll be surprised and amazed.

Annie Jacobsen had exclusive access to nineteen men who served the base proudly and secretly for decades and are now aged 75-92, and unprecedented access to fifty-five additional military and intelligence personnel, scientists, pilots, and engineers linked to the secret base, thirty-two of whom lived and worked there for extended periods. In Area 51, Jacobsen shows us what has really gone on in the Nevada desert, from testing nuclear weapons to building super-secret, supersonic jets to pursuing the War on Terror.

Another non-fiction work is the piece by Jesse Ventura’s "63 documents the government doesn’t want you to read"Click here for Jesse Ventura's nonfiction 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read. The Freedom of Information Act releases that reveal the illegal activities of the C.I.A. and the shadow government that control the federal government in America. The official spin on numerous government programs is flat-out bullshit, according to Jesse Ventura. In this incredible collection of actual government documents, Ventura, the ultimate non- partisan truth-seeker, proves it beyond any doubt. He and Dick Russell walk readers through 63 of the most incriminating programs to reveal what really happens behind the closed doors. In addition to providing original government data, Ventura discusses what it really means and how regular Americans can stop criminal behavior at the top levels of government and in the media.

The ruling oligarchy that has a maniacal control of the federal government and has for the last fifty years is essential revealed by these two books.


Tokyos_Yellow_Rain Follow up: If things in Japan weren’t bad enough, what with the weekly earthquakes, the tsunami that hit in March, the continued radiation leaks from the destroyed nuclear power plants, now, tomorrow, a deadly typhoon is scheduled to make landfall. Japan will be evacuating 1.2 million people with this oncoming threat, but the question remains, what ramifications will the typhoon have on the continuing dangerous levels of radiation that have never been stopped at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. It is known that in April of this year, a month after the devastation that hit Japan, American cities in the following states had radiation rain fall! Massachusetts, California, Washington, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida all had radiation rainfall, with the primary concern being the safety of our drinking water. The poison rain comes on the wind currents and there is no way to predict where it will end up. The leaking Nuclear Plants needs to be capped (stopped) NOW!



There is no technology to remove the cores from the stricken reactors, it will be ten years before they attempt to do so. Conditions at Nuclear facilities are much worst than originally thought. In Russia at the Chernobyl disaster, which is located in the Ukraine,The abandoned city of Pripyat with Chernobyl plant in the distance they entombed the core in concrete which required Herculean efforts by many who lost their lives in the process.  However,  Japan is taking a different route, they are building huge frames that will go over the buildings and these frames will be covered by tents, in the hope the tents will contain the radiation that is coming off as steam and then they will be able to turn it into water and as water, they will be able to contain the radiation. Unlike Russia, which actually, evacuated the entire city adjoining Chernobyl, an area to this day, that is off limits because it is unsafe, Japan has evacuated a much smaller area, with the hope that the larger evacuation would not be necessary, disregarding the long term health of millions of people, not only in their nation, but people around the globe.

Connection: Strange Sounds+Rocky Mountain=Earthquake East Coast

Reports have been coming in that the earthquake that hit the east coast of the United States, Aug. 23, 2011, was preceding by strange sounds in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Take a look at the video that was taken by hikers that day and listen to the sounds they captured. There has been no definitive answer as to what may have caused this strange noise, although, there is plenty of speculation, with one that is circulating being, a major explosion, or series of explosions, that occurred in the massive underground defense, shelter tunnels, built by the government over the last 40 years. Apparently these types sound, or noise, have preceded catastrophic events world-wide.


One of the huge machine that was used to burrow the tunnels and shelters

The video below is a father and daughter in their backyard, before the quake hit.


Earlier, August 11, 2011, these strange sounds emancipated from the city of Kiev in the Ukraine.

In Florida, March 2011, another occurrence, see the video below.

And here’s the kicker, the Rays Baseball game in Tampa/St.Pete, the evening of the day the earthquake hit across the East Coast of the United States, the sound is similar to the others.

Strange Sounds at the Rays Ballgame, Evening following the Earthquake that day




Listen to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast HAARP BROADCAST


This is an (CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW) encore presentation of a show that aired in 2005. It’s revealing because it discusses the secret facility in Alaska that manipulates the ionosphere with possible devastating results. Listen to scientists working on it then and their reluctance to speak about the possible consequences of their experiments. The military has taken over the HAARP facility and once that happens there is no doubt about any intended applications.


First it was students and teachers.Then public employees, firefighters and policemen.

Now, Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature are taking aim at Florida voters.

Just last spring, Scott and this Republican legislature rammed through a dangerous and transparent voter suppression law, House Bill 1355, aimed directly at making it harder for Floridians to vote. They are criminalizing voter registration, virtually putting the League of Women Voters out of business, and disenfranchising thousands of young voters and college students by preventing people from changing their address at the polls. All the while, making it more difficult for hard-working Floridians and the elderly to vote by shortening the number of days and hours for early voting.

Late last week, in a dead-of-night, back door attempt to evade the U.S. Justice Department and its enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, the governor directed his Secretary of State to circumvent the Justice Department’s process mere days before a ruling was expected — a process that had lasted two months and been fully vetted. Instead, he chose to file a lawsuit in a federal court in Washington — a move that will cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and months and months of unnecessary delay.

The move is nothing more than a partisan power grab aimed at stalling a ruling the Republicans recognize they would not win — a move that leaves Floridians holding the bill, again. Scott’s administration knows that HB 1355 hinders the voting rights of Floridians, and that any delay will further freeze voter registration efforts and place our state’s hard-working county supervisors of elections in an untenable position.

It’s no coincidence that the governor is ramping up his efforts to evade the law just in time for the 2012 elections, and that his target are those that supported our president in 2008. Its also no coincidence that a governor with a 29-percent approval rating — making him the least popular governor in the nation — doesn’t want people to vote or even register to vote.

In the midst of an economic recovery, with nearly 1 million Floridians out of work, this governor has chosen to prioritize restricting Floridians right to cast a ballot over keeping his promise to create jobs.

It’s time to focus on helping Floridians, not hindering them at every turn. It is time to stop playing politics with the right to vote. This governor’s frivolous lawsuit is nothing more than partisan politics at its worst.

Of all our rights, the right to vote is the most sacred. Women and minorities fought to get it and our soldiers fight to protect it. Playing politics with voting needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

Smith is an attorney who has served as a state attorney and state senator.