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Sucuri SiteCheck is A-OK.     EYEONCITRUS.COM

Some browsers had been issuing a Malware Alert (the warning was for another site which WE DO NOT OWN) when entering our site, EYEONCITRUS.COM, there was no problem and the issue that resulted in the false positive warning has been corrected The the site has been checked by Sucuri SiteCheck, along with the following list of checks:  Sucuri SiteCheck, Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, Domain Clean Phish Tank, Opera Browser Domain Clean, Domain Clean by SiteAdvisor and Domain clean on Yandes via Sophos!     EYEONCITRUS.COM is A-OK. Put your mind at ease and come and enjoy our site.

Thank You

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What fellow Republicans say about Romney

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, What fellow Republicans say about Romney on kp09 at 301204

In the final analysis who best could describe the attributes Mitt Romney and what he would mean for the country, none other than the Republicans of the GOP!

Final Analysis of Romney by the Republicans

Final Analysis of what Mitt Romney would do for this country as presented by the GOP

Michael “Zayne” Strmiska at the Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, Michael “Zayne” Strmiska at the Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que on kp19 at 301204


Michael “Zayne” Strmiska appeared with The High Cotton Striders at the 17th annual Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que in Old Homosassa, FL on Nov. 3, 2012. Good Food, good music and a beautiful day topped off by an up and coming Blues sensation! Zayne Strmiska was the opening act in a afternoon event that not only included The High Cotton Striders but also three top acts of R.J. Harman and Company, Al “Coffee” and Da Grind and the great Albert Castiglia Band.

From the time, Michael “Zayne” Strmiska was a baby he would sway, stomp, and dance to the music. Johnny Lang, B.B. King playing and lulling him to sleep. Be sure to watch the video!


Michael “Zayne” Strmiska The High Cotton Striders at the Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que


Cleaned up the audio on the video below, there will be an additional video with some other songs in the future ED

Audio cleaned up here..

The High Cotton Striders were followed by the R.J. Harman and Company a Blues and Jazz Band featuring “R.J.” Harman on the harmonica.



Al “Coffe” and Da Grind were the next on stage. Your first question might be, where did Al “Coffe” McDaniel get the nick name Coffee? “I guess I was in my 20’s and everybody had a name. Mine is Coffee because I grind so fine.”


The Albert Castiglia (“ka STEEL ya”) ended out the wonderful afternoon at the Museum in Old Homosassa with the Albert Castiglia Band.

Albert Castiglia Band

Life on Mars

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, HD photo, Life on Mars on kp09 at 311223

New High Definition photos of Mars appears to show that life does exist, or once existed on Mars! These images come from the University of Arizona.



they have blurred the image in the top right corner, LOOK at the areas marked with stars, appear to be buildings  EYEONCITRUS.COM   

BOTTON right side of photo shows what appears to be a lot of buildings with some streets passing through the area.  EYEONCITRUS.COM

 AN object on the track  EYEONCITRUS.COM 

HD photo of Mars=Life   EYEONCITRUS.COM

There is a lot of things in this video of the pictures from Mars, the area of the video where you can see the tracks referenced above start around the 7 minutes, 50 second mark.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt WARNED of the GOP in 1936-HOLDS TRUE TODAY!!!

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, Franklin Delano Roosevelt WARNED of the GOP in 1936-HOLDS TRUE TODAY!!! on kp58 at 311212

After the GOP had rape and pillaged the Nation leading us into the Great Depression, FDR, came along and had to bring the country back from their grips,in order to restore the Nation. The Republicans of that era even went so far as to plot to overthrow his new leadership, but that’s another bit of history.Click Here-In Search Of History - The Plot To Overthrow FDR (History Channel)  EYEONCITRUS.COM



Click Here-The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR

And here’s the book version

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WTF is this over Mexico in August?

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, WTF is this over Mexico in August? on kp51 at 311204

Amazing UFO forrmation over Guadalajara August 2012 published Oct 1 2012 EYEONCITRUS.COM 

This thing was spotting over Guadalajara, Mexico, during a thunderstorm, this is the view when the lighting lite it up, without the lightning, all you saw were the lights????

FACTS FICTION in Between First Debate 2012

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, FACTS FICTION in Between First Debate 2012 on kp20 at 311204

Paul Davidson, Tim Mullaney, Gregory Korte and Susan Davis, USA TODAY

Complete story here

(Photo: Michael Reynolds, Getty Images)

(Photo: Michael Reynolds, Getty Images)

Story Highlights
Candidates spar over taxes on the wealthy and the middle class
North America’s energy independence and job creation debated
Also a hot topic: The federal health care law’s effects on Medicare

2:15AM EST October 4. 2012 -  In the first presidential debate Wednesday night, President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney packed their responses with accusations about each other’s policies and defenses of their own.

Here are a few claims that deserve a deeper look:

Private-sector job gains

Claim: Obama said the U.S. economy has created 5 million private-sector jobs the past 30 months.

DEBATE: Battle of economic visions

Facts: After the economy plummeted in late 2007 and throughout 2009, the United States has gained 4.6 million private-sector jobs since the labor market bottomed in February 2010 — or 5.1 million under preliminary revisions released last week that are not part of the official tally by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

ANALYSIS: Romney plays strong offense

Still, that’s weak by historical standards. Under President George W. Bush, the private sector also added 5 million jobs in the 30 months after employment hit bottom following the 2001 downturn, and the pace of private-sector gains in the previous two recoveries was far stronger.

Tax cuts

Claim: Obama says Romney’s tax plan would cut taxes by $5 trillion over 10 years, inflating the deficit.


Facts: Romney has proposed cutting tax rates by 20% in each bracket, which, the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities says would cost $4.9 trillion over 10 years. Romney said his plan will be paid for by curtailing tax deductions, so middle-class people pay less overall and upper-income people don’t see lower taxes. Last month in Ohio, Romney said middle-class people would see little change in their taxes under his plan.

Romney has declined to say what tax deductions he would end. The non-partisan Tax Policy Center has contended that middle-class families would see taxes rise about $2,000 a year under Romney’s plan if he keeps his promise to make the tax reform revenue-neutral, arguing that it can’t be done without ending popular middle-class deductions on mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

The American Enterprise Institute, a conservative-leaning think tank, has said that the gap can be closed by ending tax breaks targeting the wealthy, including tax exemptions for interest on municipal bonds.

Romney said he would not raise taxes and would not approve any tax cut that would expand the deficit. He argued that tax cuts will increase investment, putting more people to work and increasing the taxpaying population.

The middle class

Claim: Romney said middle-class families’ income is down $4,300 since Obama took office.

INTERACTIVE CHART: Who’s up, who’s down in the polls

Facts: According to a March 2012 analysis by Maryland-based economic consulting firm Sentier Research, Romney was correct. According to their analysis, based on February 2012 Current Population Data compiled by the U.S. Census, the median household income was $50,065 in February, compared to $54,481 in December 2007 — right before the recession started, and nearly 11 months before Obama was elected.

The current median household income is $50,678.

What Romney didn’t say is that the decline in real median household income has been occurring over the course of the past decade, well before Obama took office. The trend has continued under the Obama administration, but it did not start there.

Taxes for the wealthy

Claim: Romney says he wouldn’t cut taxes on the wealthy.

Facts: Romney wants to cut personal taxes by 20% for everyone, including the wealthy. He also wants to cut taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains for Americans with adjusted gross income below $200,000.

Obama, however, wants to return taxes to Clinton-era rates for individuals who make more than $200,000 in annual taxable income and families who make more than $250,000 in taxable income. So Romney wants to maintain tax cuts for the wealthy that Obama would eliminate.

Energy independence

Claim: North America can become energy independent under Romney’s plan, creating 4 million jobs.

Facts: This is likely to happen anyway, possibly as soon as the end of the decade, Citigroup said in a book-length report earlier this year.

The key factor is not changes in policy, but changes in drilling technology that have let America increase oil production faster than any other nation in the world in the past four years, Citigroup said.

Declining crude oil imports, and more exports of natural gas and refined oil products, could reduce the trade deficit by as much as 40%, adding 1% a year to economic growth, Moody’s Analytics estimates. Citgroup estimated that the emergence of the United States and Canada as a "new Middle East" could add 3.6 million jobs.

Medicare cuts

Claim: Romney said Obama’s health care law cuts $716 billion from Medicare which will hurt current beneficiaries.

Facts: This has been one of Romney’s favorite lines of attack, but his claim that Obama’s health care law cuts $716 billion in benefits for current Medicare beneficiaries is not true. The health care law will limit payments to health care providers and insurers — not senior citizens’ benefits — as part of an effort to rein in costs over the course of the next decade. Romney and other opponents of the law, however, contend that the payment cuts would affect seniors’ benefits as an unintended consequence because they assert doctors will stop accepting Medicare patients and it could force some health care facilities to close.

The law has not yet been fully implemented, so the cuts’ effects on beneficiaries are uncertain. But the law as written does not cut benefits for senior citizens. It is also worth noting that Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., included the same spending cuts in his own 2012 budget blueprint that House Republicans supported with near unanimity.

Clean energy

Claim: Romney said clean energy interests got $90 billion in tax breaks under Obama, and that half of those companies receiving breaks went out of business.

Facts: The president’s 2009 stimulus bill included a combination of over $90 billion in spending, financing and tax breaks for clean energy investments, but it’s false that half of the companies went broke. Some of the Energy Department’s loans went to firms that failed, most notably the solar energy company Solyndra, which cost taxpayers $535 million, but Romney’s claim that half of the companies went broke is inaccurate. In a 2011 story, USA TODAY reported that the stocks of many of 45 publicly traded companies receiving stimulus funds had outperformed the stock market, despite Solyndra and other, smaller failures. The money, mostly in loans and loan guarantees, are helping build factories for companies such as Ford, Nissan and Tesla Motor. One beneficiary is health care technology company Athenahealth, whose shares have more than doubled. Its CEO, Jonathan Bush, is a first cousin of President George W. Bush. REST of story here

What’s on TWITTER

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, What’s on TWITTER on kp59 at 311202


What Mitt Romney Is Really Worth: An Exclusive Analysis Of His Latest Finances

The GOP nominee has diversified far past Bain Capital. From hedge funds to his kids’ $100 million trust, Forbes reveals the most definitive valuation of the man who would be the richest…


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Michael Moore


For Romney, wealth meant both freedom and a trap

The wealth intended to liberate Romney the politician instead has ensnared him. He hoped it would free him; for many voters, it now seems to define him.


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Michael Moore


Come to Dog Mountain

Just outside St. Johnsbury, Vermont, there sits a small white chapel, dedicated to man’s best friend. It’s been proven true that these canine treasures will stand beside you no matter your lot in


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Op-ed: The deeply disturbing Israel court ruling on Rachel Corrie

The wrongful death lawsuit for Rachel Corrie was not a solution, but rather a symptom of a broken system of accountability within Israel and the U.S.government, writes guest columnist Cindy Corrie.


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12 tips to become a better smartphone photographer

Wondering how to get the most of your smartphone camera? Is there more to mobile photography than filters to make your pictures look better than they really are?


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29 Sep

I’m 4 Obama! Believe Romney is An Elitist Billionaire who looks at cookies & says”Im not sure about these they look like they come from 7-11

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28 Sep

Obama has drawn a “red line,” but not the one Bibi Netanyahu had in mind. pic.twitter.com/O53KJIEM

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and if anyone the has experience stealing elections. Its the Republicans

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In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, FOX NEWS shows live SUICIDE on kp22 at 301229

FOX NEWS shows live (no pun intended) SUICIDE

During one of FOX’s LIVE coverage events, showing news LIVE, a car was jacked and the driver (the guy who stole the car) ultimately killed himself.

Romney Does His Banking in Bermuda and other farther away places

In EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM, Romney Does His Banking in Bermuda and other farther away places on kp44 at 301226

offshore banking Romney and Bain   EYEONCITRUS.COM

By Stephanie Mencimer

Mitt Romney’s taxes are once again in the news thanks to Friday’s release of his full 2011 tax return. As with his 2010 filings, the documents highlight the GOP candidate’s extensive overseas holdings, which some tax experts believe has allowed him to lessen his tax liability. But the problem with Romney’s reliance on offshore tax havens goes beyond his own tax bill.


The Internal Revenue Service and many members of Congress have sought for years to close some of the loopholes that are draining billions of dollars from the federal treasury and shifting the tax burden from wealthy corporations to average individuals. Yet through his work at Bain Capital and his personal investments, Romney has supported a shadowy financial system with far-reaching ramifications for the US and foreign governments.

To date, Romney has refused to answer questions about why, for instance, he needs to keep some of his money in places like Bermuda, rather than a bank in Belmont, Massachusetts, or in a US-based investment vehicle. When he dodges these types of questions, Romney’s not just depriving voters of critical information about his own taxes. He’s sidestepping a much larger policy question about this unaccountable financial system that has been a key driver of global inequality. Rest of story here

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