Professors Teachers: Selling of the American Empire Syllabus

The road to oblivion that took us down the path leading to where we are today, as a Nation and a people, was not an ad hoc set of circumstances, it was in fact, a planned path to a specific destination. It was a plan that had been formulated over many years by a group that believed they are smarter than anybody else and in particular, smarter than our founding fathers! They still believe this even though, by all indications, our Nation and the World sit on the precipice of economy failure and world upheaval, all brought about by their manipulation and the continued propaganda that bombards the National Media outlets.

There is some good educational material here, this video, which is shown below, has additional “extras” video clips along with a teaching syllabus in a PDF formatted file. If you would like to know where to obtain it, email EYEONCITRUS for additional information.