Shocking video shows Surfside Condo falling 6.24.2021


Four days after the Surfside Condo pancaked down, just the two half’s of one side, a fire is still smoldering! A telltale sign that there’s something more went on here then the authorities even want to speculate on!

Here’s the conundrum, can the State of Florida go publicly to the world and particularly to the conspirators of 911, that their Surfside condo that was the home to many affluent Jewish owners was brought down by a controlled demolition although without the smoke screen of a jet and jet fuel?

surveillance camera footage shown on CBS 46 shows the ocean-facing portion of the 12-story Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside cascading into a pile of rubble as a massive cloud of dust fills the air about 1:30 a.m. Thursday.A fire official said 35 people were rescued from the building, built in 1981, including two who were pulled from the rubble as rescuers using trained dogs continue their search for survivors.The building about 15 miles north of Miami had 136 units, of which about 80 were occupied, officials said.“It’s hard to imagine how this could have happened,” Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told reporters. “Buildings just don’t fall down.”

51 unaccounted for at this time.surfside condo collaspe 6.24.2021