Public Records Request-Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Renee McPheeters helps with keeping the water cold

On the front page of the 10/28 Chronicle: “Nonprofits hit with rent hike” In the worst recession

since the Great Depression, our BOCC is charging a RENT HIKE on NONPROFITS! It is stated also that the Director of the Family Resource Center, Ginger West, said that the rent increase will keep her organization from opening an outreach center for the homeless! Commercial property owners have frozen all rents for over a year: but the heartless & greedy BOCC & et al RAISE & CHARGE MORE: SICK, SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet the BOCC could find 2.9 million dollars in funding from the taxpayers pockets for the N. Ottawa Ave. transaction recently!

I remember seeing a volunteer personally hand a turkey to a poor emaciated looking woman last November at the Church without Doors Thanksgiving Food Drive, the volunteers worked very hard that day and I appreciate the concern for the poor, so let’s not forget our seniors, as many of them have limited incomes and next year it will be the third year that the U.S. Government. will not be giving them Social Security increases. We do not want the elderly to lose their homes because they cannot afford property taxes here in Citrus County. It would be too hard for them to hand out that many turkeys!!!

Therefore, I have launched a drive to get our dear seniors a tax break with the additional $25,000 Senior Homestead Exemption! I have heard that two 70 year old homeless men have been guests of Ginger West’s Family Resource Center for meals, yet, through the grapevine, I heard that a BOCC Representative said that these two 70 year old homeless men had to be “dressed appropriately” before receiving food. My God, why don’t we call this place the Soviet Socialist Republic of Citrus County!

This all just makes me even more angry & mad to run for office!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters