Another big win for corporations


Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate

Yesterday, in what’s likely the last chance this year to overturn the Citizens United decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Montana’s attempt to limit corporate spending in their state’s elections.
In other words, the floodgates on unlimited political donations by corporations are wide open and locked firmly in place.
Let there be no doubt: The false attacks against my record — bankrolled by corporations, anonymous donors with deep pockets and a whole host of special interests — will only intensify.
But, there is something you can do right now to help me fight back.
Please contribute $5 now — and help us stand up against unlimited corporate spending here in Florida by reaching our $100,000 grassroots goal before the June 30 deadline!
I think you and I know which side is going to benefit most from yesterday’s decision.
The Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson just dropped $2 million into this race because these folks want to buy a Senate seat for their extreme right-wing pals. America can’t afford to let that happen.
We’ve raised $31,000 toward our end-of-quarter goal, which is great progress. But we must hit our $100,000 target by midnight Saturday, not necessarily to compete with our opponents dollar-for-dollar, but to at least stay within striking distance — before we close the books on this quarter.
Contribute $5 now, before the deadline, and help us reach our $100,000 grassroots goal to counter the right-wing mega-donors who want to buy this election. We can’t reach our goal without friends like you!
Thanks for all your help. I couldn’t do it without you.Deadline: June 30. Contribute



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Here’s a link to a column I wrote for the St. Petersburg Times; please take a minute to read it over, because it’s about an issue that should be important to everyone who believes in the principle of one-person, one-vote.

A so-called election reform bill is rapidly making its way through the Florida Legislature, which right now is in the final week of its annual lawmaking session in Tallahassee. If this bill becomes law, it would:

  • Significantly reduce the number of early-voting days;
  • Make voting harder for people who have recently changed their name or address, like, newlyweds or college students; and,
  • Subject voter-registration drives to stiff legal fines, even for inadvertent mistakes.

This is not a partisan issue, and I’m just one of many people and groups that strongly oppose this measure.
The Orlando Sentinel has said “it amounts to … ripping apart election laws” and “weakening democracy.”
The Tampa Tribune has said “this bill isn’t fooling anybody. It’s not about clean elections.”
Florida Today has called it an “assault on the most cherished of American rights.”
The Palm Beach Post has asked that we stop this “assault on all voters.”
But the state Legislature seems poised to pass it. One thing you could still do is
e-mail Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. 

As The St. Petersburg Times has said: “Floridians of all political stripes should not stand for it.”

Devastating to Florida

Heads up: Congress is debating a budget plan that would be devastating to Florida. Will you pass this along?

Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson need to hear from all of us about it right now, before they cut a deal in the next few days.

Please spread the word about all of these proposed cuts to Florida:

  • $64 million would be cut from federal funds for clean and safe water in Florida.1
  • 6,100 Florida children would be immediately cut from Head Start, which provides comprehensive early childhood development services for at-risk children ages zero to five.2
  • $368 million would be cut from Pell Grants, affecting all 565,000 higher education students with those grants in Florida.3
  • Job training and employment services would be effectively eliminated for 5,700 dislocated workers, 6,000 low-income adults, and 15,000 youths age 14 to 21.4
  • $9.6 million would be cut from law enforcement assistance, taking cops off the beat.5

It’s especially galling when the same budget protects tax breaks for corporations like GE and the very rich.

Just last night the news broke that Congress may be close to striking a deal on the budget. Now is the only time we can influence the outcome. 

Can you call Sens. Rubio and Nelson and ask them to oppose these cuts in the budget? You can pick one of the cuts in this list to highlight in your call.

Senator Marco Rubio
Phone: 202-224-3041
Senator Bill Nelson
Phone: 202-224-5274

Click to report your call. Then pass this email along locally!

The cuts that the Republicans are proposing would disproportionately hit those who can least afford it in Florida, and it’s up to us to stop them.

Thanks for all you do.

-Daniel, Amy, Milan, Tate, and the rest of the team


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