Moving to Citrus County, you may want to think about it a few times, elderly are bombarded by con men and women from multiple scams and the office that is suppose to protect the elderly, Florida’s Attorney General, Ashley Moody, imagedoes nothing! In the mail today I received con mail (which is an everyday occurrence, when the mail runs! What I got today, Jan 26, 2021, a Tuesday, were two similar but different scams! The first was a reminder to have my home warranty renewed to protect the costly repair or replace items that might give up the cause. The second was from a different outfit, yet urged me to renew my car protection in case I might incur a costly breakdown! The fact of the manner I had neither of these products as indicated!
This is typical of the bombardment of mail that comes to your box everyday, some even pretending to be from county office referencing property taxes, although somewhere in small print in the mail you generally find a disclaimer statement saying they are not afillated with any government office. When I ran for property appraiser of Citrus County, Susan Gill, the former Supervisor of Election scammed the voters with phony stories in the chronicle successfully confusing the public and I would certainly call that a Grand Scam of immense proportions!! And of course, the fake news Chronicle went on a steam roll to portray Gill as a heralded Saint of immense proportions, it was laughable to all those who knew the truth. And Attorney General, Ashley Moody, looked the other way! The Ethics Commissioner, Chris Anderson about shit a brick and refused to respond to my inquiry after he learned I still had a copy of the Ethics Commission letter from their attorney from 2010, Daniel A. Carlton Jr., who is now the head of Wisconsin Ethics Commission! Chris Anderson joins the ranks of the other #crookedFloridaOfficeHolders who fail to uphold the laws of Florida while giving tacit approval to the “GOOD ‘OLE BOYS AND GIRLS” while the voters of Florida foot the bill! SUPPORT EYEONCITRUS.COM efforts to supply you with alternative news and stories, as we have been doing for over 15 years. As every year goes by expenses continue to rise! Buy us  a cup of coffee or more!
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