Body lies at the corner of Cardinal and GrossUpdate: Suspect sheriff’s officials Friday night identified the man as Steven Verdone, of Homosassa.  A lot of people are walking today especially if they’re in walking distance, to the store, to the bus stop all around the county! The morning of Jan 22, 2021, Friday was a little different for the suspect who  Amanda Glode and Jason Dennis said walked down their street, Cardinal map of locationStreet, everyday. Today was different though, they had seen him trying to jump in front of moving cars and when he got to Amanda Glode fence, he started swearing at her dogs, she gathered her two mastiffs up and then tried to reason with the man but he

would have none of it and as he went off shouting obscenities’ saying he was sick of living! Glode and Dennis called the police and it wasn’t 45 seconds later that they heard 3 gunshots and the man who didn’t want to live, lived no more. Cardinal street was blocked off into the evening and the current status is unknown.

Steven Verdone

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