London Reel which has been fighting Censorship since 2011 continues it’s vigilance in getting the truth out to all. World Health Organization (WHO) Faucci and the hierarchy of WHO realized that they had an opportunity for untold wealth in the same manner the military-industrial complex has in selling all futurist and modern weapons that promote war around the world, keeping the newest discoveries for ourselves to make war antiseptic and not to be feared by us. The path that exists reminds one of the original Star Trek series, when the the Starship Enterprise visited a solar system where war had become so accepted that it had become a game of sorts, where rather than destroy their cities and metropolitan areas computers would tell the citizens where war strikes had occurred and the people who lived in those sections would report to extermination camps where they would be disintegrated (killed) without any damage ever occurring to the buildings, cities and towns. The ultimate sanitizing of warfare, but as Capt. Kirk had said then, war should be something to be feared and avoided at all costs, a last resort. Our path for the last 75 years has been down the path that should have been avoided, we’ve made war antiseptic, we see no more body bags of our men and women by the thousands coming home every week in the news, we rather fight among  ourselves over issues we never had any control over to begin with, as we unwittingly go down the primrose path of self destruction oblivious to the puppet masters.

PlandemicIndoctornation720p from Lyndon Farrington on Vimeo.

This Video threatens the Multi Trillion dollar corporations download if you know how, remember you can slide the play button to skip portions. 4:15 minute mark starts the gist of the video.