These events took place in November and December 2019 and at the beginning of this year 2020, way before the Corona Virus Pandemic became the topic of the day. #citruscountyflappraisergate

I ran for Citrus County Commissioner Dist 2 in 2018 unfortunately this campaign was abruptly shortened when my power chair malfunction and threw me to the pavement in the Publix parking lot, breaking my knee, however the Chronicle ( Chronicle insider said, "they don’t like you"!) would not let me send someone else in my stead to the forums. In 2018 when I went into the Supervisor of Election Susan Gill’s office to file for County Commission Dist 2 seat the first thing she asked me was whether or not I was still working for the Property Appraiser Office, I told her “no”. In 2019 when I went into her office to file the paper work to run for Citrus County Property Appraiser the first thing she asked me, again, was I retired yet? I said, "Yes", “I am not working for the Citrus County Property Appraiser Office; I retired in 2017 after 14 years!" “Therefore there is no reason why I cannot run for the office of Citrus County Property Appraiser!" Yet Tim Reynard and Richard Schroeder who currently work for the Citrus County Property Appraiser office and Susan Gill, the Supervisor of Elections, had no problem letting them run for the Property Appraiser Office even though they were violating FL Statute 212.313(10)(a) additionally Susan Gill had no problem letting Cregg Dalton, a Citrus County Deputy Sheriff run for the position without satisfying the guidelines under Florida Statute 99.1. Resign to run law! (See Ethics Commission Letter of 2010 below) He never filed a letter of intent to resign ten days prior to filing to run for the office. These three are unwitting stooges violating FL Statutes responding to the Chronicle’s call to arms article, whereas, Leslie Cook and Susan Gill are collaborators along with elements of The Citrus County Chronicle newspaper! Help me to clean up the dirty politics in Citrus, don’t let the complacency of the moment let those who knowingly break the law while laughing and mocking you on the way to the voting booth! There is a problem in Citrus County with cronyism, nepotism and the fact I use a power chair that I’ve used for the last 17 years, which includes the 14 years working in Citrus County Property Appraiser Office!

Certified letters were sent to Florida’s Gov Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody and Ethics Commissioner Chris Anderson who received three certified letters. The only one that responded was Chris Anderson, he telephoned me leaving a message on my voice mail wanting me to call him back. Which I did but that was a mistake because he told me over the phone he would not answer my letter with a written response because he had answered me over the phone! Apparently Mr. Anderson has taken similar action before when he was called out on it, in Young v. Lamar, in 2013 Mr. Chris Anderson was ruled against allowing a petition to proceed, noting that the petitioner was an incarcerated felon it demonstrates how no one should be above the law, particularly those in government who are assigned to adhere to the law! Below is a copy of the letter written to me in 2010 by then Ethics Commission Attorney Daniel A. Carlton Jr.:

Click to Open letter up as a .jpeg

Below is a quote attributed to Chris Anderson by the Tallahassee Democrat
“The commission’s job is to find if there’s a violation of ethics law, and if there’s a penalty attached to the violation, they recommend the penalty and it goes to the governor for imposition,” Anderson said. “I can remember only one time in the last 30 years when the penalty wasn’t imposed by the governor.” The video below gives more details and displays the letters that the Ehics Commission has mailed me over the last ten years.



The Ethics Commission is suppose to uphold the laws that deal with monetary gains by illegal methods so if one of the candidates who is running for the property appraiser’s office and who is currently violating the Ethics guidelines then they would be required to act to remove him from office, if he were to win , I don’t see that happening.
Through these troubled times it is easy to let despair overcome but remember when we stand together united and with God’s help we will come out of this somewhat broken, but wiser and stronger! This video  is a reminder that nothing is ever easy and the path I’ve taken to clean up the dirty politics on the local level takes perseverance.  This time will soon be in the past, let it shine through with the brightness of truth and justice being fulfilled remembering if constant diligence isn’t maintain those who will have THEIR way with you WILL and IT’LL be just more and more of the SAME.