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Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsey and the Shock and Awe Team of 2010

In Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsey and the Shock and Awe Team of 2010, EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp59 at 312027


Article updated thanks to the commentary on the Ocala Post, greatly appreciated the much needed clarification.


When there is money involved, such as bonuses from the Federal Government, Sheriff Jeff Dawsey’s office and DCF acted without paperwork to get my grandchildren and where there was no monetary incentive they failed to act in a timely manner that could have saved a life regardless of location of the nearby house that the pedophile was registered in, he was not there, but his sister house was a few doors away and that is where her body was found days later, buried alive in two trash bags in the back yard, all on the same street and it was where she was keep alive for days by Couey. There was enough probable cause to have entered that house, you had a missing girl and the sister’s house of that pedophile was visited twice and never entered but she had been kept in the back room according to the Sheriff’s report, therefore it was a complete dereliction of duty and Mrs. Dawn DeDeo-Langer comment above as the wife of one of Dawsey deputies Tim Mike Langer, who covered the eastside of the county and who is running for Mosquito Control Board of Citrus County speaks for itself! Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Cregg Dalton my opponent in the Primary worked for Sheriff’s Dawsey as a Detective! I am an honest working man who worked as a private contractor for 18 years with Citrus County and retired from the Property Appraiser Office after 14 years as a Field Appraiser and it has always disgusted me to see the two sets of treatment citizens receive, the rich and powerful, one way, the everyday man off the street another, it’s not right! And as to how this relates to my running for property appraiser rest assured my door will be opened to all and fairness and equal treatment for everybody will be more than a tag line. I would like to thank you for the opportunity for me to clarify the details and I will update the article with the video, again greatly appreciated!

The audio in the video has been silenced in specific sections to protect the innocent.

This video is a look into the mirror; do you like what you see? Join me David Gregory, a working class man who is a Republican Candidate running for property appraiser in Citrus County, Florida, you will not find thousands of dollars in my campaign account, while the other candidates have tens of thousands of dollars in theirs, reaching to 100,000 plus dollars, who do you think these candidates, if elected will be beholding to? When laws are broken with no relief, the FBI has been known to follow the money trail, where do you think it will lead? But that is for a another day, if you like me are in the working class, do you want someone to represent you in Citrus County or the multi-millionaires of these corporations? Please spread the word and share on Facebook and through me take back our government, it will be the first step back to the way it use to be and should be. David Gregory

Comment here or Call our open line, 352-503-8294, for SOUNDING OFF, expressing your opinions about the county, the State, the Nation and the World! HAPPY CALLING!

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