"There is no sworde to bee feared more than the Learned pen"

THANK YOU Citrus County Building Alliance Stump Night

In David Gregory Republican Candidate for Citrus County Property Appraiser, EYEONCITRUS.COM, THANK YOU Citrus County Building Alliance Stump Night on kp21 at 312020


I would like to thank the Citrus County Builder’s Alliance for our Stump Evening on Wednesday, July 16, 2020! Being the only Candidate that has been crossed trained in all fields of the Property Appraiser office I offer the complete package for the future oriented to the builders who will need that expertise as we transcend these difficult times that lay ahead. I was talking with my barber yesterday (Saturday) she bought a home in Walden Woods and I explained to her about having to buy the yearly stickers for the home, much like the getting your vehicle registration renewed each year and because you do not own the land your home is on the owners of the Walden Woods LLC have an amended Tangible Exemption of $25,000 that still left a Tangible tax bill for their (owners of the park) property of over $107,000 for 2019, subsequently the owners of the homes in the park and those who may be renting homes in the park will see a bill for their share in some form or manner.

Walden Woods LLC Tangible Taxes 2019

David Gregory

Comment here or Call our open line, 352-503-8294, for SOUNDING OFF, expressing your opinions about the county, the State, the Nation and the World! HAPPY CALLING!

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