Citrus County Chronicle put on a Debate Between the Candidates at the Key Training Center TV Channel 49 WYKE on June 19 2007. It was called "Live Mike" but it was neither Live nor was it ever seen and it was never reported on in the Citrus County Chronicle newspaper. It’s a sad commentary that started with my candidacy in 2007 and has followed through my years in attempting to run in 2018 for the Citrus County Commission as an NPA candidate and now that I’m a Republican and running for the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s Office the modus operandi continues as they’re coverage or rather lack of it follows my efforts to become the property appraiser with my unparalleled experience with 32 years working with Citrus County, 18 years as a private contractor with the county and 14 years in the Property Appraiser’s Office retiring in 2017.

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