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Jan 20 2020 Enjoyed our Day at The Martin Luther King Day in Crystal River FL

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David Gregory Republican Candidate for Citrus County Property Appraiser, having gone to the Martin Luther King Day Celebration in Crystal River on Jan 20 2020, a cold bright sunny day, that may have played a part in there being few along the parade route to Copeland Park, I met many friendly people and enjoyed the wonderful chicken that Mr. Bunch prepared for everyone. Using a new camera I hadn’t accustomed myself with it’s operation but I still managed to get some good footage. Amanda from the Jacksonville FBI office gave a informative presentation explaining how the FBI was much better today than it had been earlier in it’s history referring to it’s Civil Rights neglect in the past. A Donation button will be on EyeOnCitrus.com where this video will be posted.

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Attention: Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Ethics Commissioner Chris Anderson, Division of Elections Tallahassee FL

My Father Bernard L. Gregory passed in 2008 on my Birthday May 30th, A Strong Military Family

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My father, Bernard L. Gregory enlisted in the Service after Pearl Harbor, he joined the 101st Airborne, The Screaming Eagles, and jump on D Day in Normandy, he fought in the Battle of the Bulge, when the Commander told the Nazi Commander who had our troops surrounded and asked to surrender by the Nazi commander, “NUTS”, here is the US ARMY official details: This is the English version of the message: "December 22nd 1944 To the U.S.A. Commander of the encircled town of Bastogne. The fortune of war is changing. This time the U.S.A. forces in and near Bastogne have been encircled by strong German armored units. More German armored units have crossed the river Our the near Ortheuville, have taken Marche and reached St. Hubert by passing through Hompre-Sibret-Tillet. Libramont is in German hands. There is only one possibility to save the encircled U.S.A troops from total annihilation: that is the honorable surrender of the encircled town. In order to think it over a term of two hours will be granted beginning with the presentation of this note. If this proposal should be rejected one German Artillery Corps and six heavy A. A. Battalions are ready to annihilate the U.S.A. troops in and near Bastogne. The order for firing will be given immediately after this two hours’ term. All the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the wellknown American humanity. The German Commander." The Division Operations Officer, Lt. Col. Harry Kinnard recalled that McAulliffe initially asked, "They want to surrender?" Moore told him, "No sir, they want us to surrender." McAulliffe arose and erupted in anger, which shocked those looking on. He took the paper, looked at it, said "Us surrender, aw nuts!" and dropped it on the floor. Maj. Jones was dismissed. McAulliffe then left the Headquarters to go congratulate a unit on the Western perimeter that had successfully taken out a German road block earlier that morning. When Jones left the Headquarters, he went back to the F Company Command Post and spoke with the two German officers. When he returned to his Regimental Headquarters, he phoned the division headquarters. Upon returning to the division headquarters, McAulliffe was informed that Jones had phoned to say that the two German officers were still waiting at the F Company Command Post. Since they brought a formal demand they felt they were entitled to a formal reply and they were to return to the German lines two hours after delivering their message. McAulliffe asked that Col. Harper be summoned to the Division Headquarters. Harper, who was still inspecting his units’ positions, was contacted by radio. When Harper arrived at the Headquarters, he was asked to wait outside of the closed door to McAulliffe’s quarters. Inside, in the presence of his staff, McAulliffe wondered aloud, "Well, I don’t know what to tell them." At that point, Kinnard said, "What you said initially would be hard to beat." McAulliffe asked "What do you mean?" Kinnard, said, "Sir, you said nuts." All members of the staff enthusiastically agreed, so McAulliffe wrote it down on a message pad and said, "Have it typed up." The reply was typed up, centered on a full sheet of paper. It read: "December 22, 1944 To the German Commander, N U T S ! The American Commander" Our family military experience doesn’t not end there, after the Irag invasion of Kuwait Iraqi president Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion and occupation of neighboring Kuwait in early August 1990. Alarmed by these actions, fellow Arab powers such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt called on the United States and other Western nations to intervene. Hussein defied United Nations Security Council demands to withdraw from Kuwait by mid-January 1991, and the Persian Gulf War began with a massive U.S.-led air offensive known as Operation Desert Storm. After 42 days of relentless attacks by the allied coalition in the air and on the ground, U.S. President George H.W. Bush declared a cease-fire on February 28; by that time, most Iraqi forces in Kuwait had either surrendered or fled. Though the Persian Gulf War was initially considered an unqualified success for the international coalition, simmering conflict in the troubled region led to a second Gulf War–known as the Iraq War–that began in 2003. My son James Gregory, joined the Army, he was not sent sent overseas during Desert Storm, Zachary Gregory was in Irag after the fall of the Twin Towers and served 16 months over there and my grandson Mark Gregory who joined the Marines and served two 8 months tours in Iraq. They all are in this video at the National Cemetery in Bushnell, FL David Gregory

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Post Script: Dad had a total of 69 jumps from a perfectly good airplane!

It’s Black and White no tricks here!

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I’m David Gregory Republican Candidate for Citrus County Property Appraiser. Man of the People for the People, a Constitutional office should have someone who follows the Constitution and Florida Statutes, you can’t pick and choose the laws you follow! I’m the man in the poser chair nothings stops me don’t let anything stop you!

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I believe in AMERICA, I believe in AMERICAN VALUES, and Americans are the greatest people on earth! We’ve always risen to the occasion, whether it is militarily or aid for natural disasters! Knowing right from wrong seems to be in everyone’s makeup even when the propaganda machines try to make it not so, yet there are those who choose to ignore the natural laws. Most Americans respect and love this country, would die for it and have died for it, yet there are those who only give lip service to our flag, our nation, our people, while they plot to circumvent the laws, break the laws and con the people, it is these people that put a stain on all of us, it is these people who degrade all of us while degrading our form of government and it is these people who degrade the brave men and women who have fought and died to preserve our freedoms given us through the Constitution and all the laws derived from it. We as a nation have weathered many storms, we as Citrus County Citizens have done the same, but the cream of the crop has not always risen to the top, for difficult times it has taken straightforward talk, telling it like it is, to stir those who have lost faith in the system and in themselves, to stir them to the belief that they too can have a piece of the pie, they too can participate in a fair and balanced government, that they too do not have to be the wealthiest to clean a dirty house! Divide and conquer is the underlying theme of today’s world both on the national scene and local scene, it’s all a game to many, while laughing, mocking and betraying the trust of the people who have elected them. I’ve seen it first hand and it disgusts me as I’m sure it does you! This is not what our forefathers fought for nor it is what our brave men and women who have fought countless wars for, as the Nation is torn with the proceedings in Washington, Citrus is torn with those who thumb their noses at you the voters while making a mockery of our local government and those elected who followed the laws of the land.

Make no mistake my fellow Citizens; those who violate the laws of the land will have no place in my administration!

I’m David Gregory Republican Candidate for Citrus County Property Appraiser. Man of the People for the People, a Constitutional office should have someone who follows the Constitution and Florida Statutes, you can’t pick and choose the laws you follow! I’m the man in the power chair nothings stops me don’t let anything stop you!

I retired from the Property Appraisers office in 2017 after 14 years, as a Field Appraiser, having been crossed trained in all the positions of the office, I’m am the best choice for Citrus County Property Appraiser!

The link below is to my Campaign Donation Page it will open in a new browser window, it’s safe and secure!!

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Cook Disagrees with Lawyer for the Ethics Commission

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Citrus County Property Appraiser Leslie Cook is in disagreement with Daniel A. Carlton Jr. Esquire, with his interpretation of Florida Statute 212.313(10)(a) and that he is not committing any violations nor are his two employees as he has given them permission to file and run for Citrus County Property Appraiser. Tim Reynard TIM REYNARD running as a Republican and Richard A 'Rick'  SchroederRichard (Rick) Schroeder as an NPA candidate, are running for Property Appraiser while they continue to work for Cook in the Property Appraiser’s office. David Gregory a retiree from the Property Appraiser’s office with a cumulative total of 32 years as a private contractor with Citrus County and as an employee, has said both are breaking Florida Election Statute 212.313(10)(a) with both continuing to work for the office while running for the office!

Cook responded to Mike Wright of the Chronicle when asked about the apparent  conflict of running and not resigning as outlined in the Property Appraiser’s Employee manual and he responded by saying, “Both sentences in the policy run together, that an employee who runs for office need resign only if the office he is seeking is in conflict with the property appraiser. For example, a conflict would arise for a property appraiser employee to seek election to the county commission because the board sets the property appraiser’s budget.”

Yet the Ethics Commission attorney, Daniel A. Carlton, Jr. said, “according to 112.313.(10)(a) Florida Statute prohibits an employee of the Property Appraiser’s Office from holding office as a member of the governing board, council, commission, or authority, which is his employer while continuing as an employee. The Property Appraiser is a separate and distinct Constitutional office from the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners.  Therefore, you would not be prohibited by Section 112.313(10)(a) FS from running for the County Commission while employed with the Property Appraiser’s Office.”

This is diametrical opposite of Cook’s explanation of the Employee Manual, yet indicates a violation of Florida Statute Section 212.313(10)(a)!

The attorney’s letter is below click on the letter and a .pdf file of the letter will open for you in a new window. Beside it you can open a .pdf file of the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s Office Employee Manual in the same manner.


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