"There is no sworde to bee feared more than the Learned pen"

Kavanaugh Sided With The Liberal Wing Of The Supreme Court In Declining To Hear Planned Parenthood Cases

In BuzzFeed,Eyeoncitrus.com on kp30 at 311811

Two cases that threatened to block federal funding to Planned Parenthood will not go before the Supreme Court after a majority of justices declined to take them up.

Headshot of Paul McLeod

Paul McLeod

BuzzFeed News Reporter

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Washington, DC

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with the more liberal faction of the court as it declined to hear legal arguments for defunding Planned Parenthood.

Anti–abortion rights advocates had championed Kavanaugh’s nomination, while abortion rights groups warned Kavanaugh would restrict abortion as a conservative vote. It is the first time a case on abortion has come before the court since Kavanaugh’s confirmation earlier this fall. Support BuzzFeed News read rest of story here……


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