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Morning Coffee and the Chronicle

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 There is quite a bit of interesting, disturbing and humorous tidbits of news in today’s Citrus County Chronicle.  The interesting news, good news is that the Lecanto Panthers High School Football team won the county championship for the first time in the history of the school! Quite the accomplishment, CONGRATULATIONS!!


United States has “Commandos” headed to Syria, this appears to be a strategy whose hidden agenda is to get a great many more U.S. servicemen on the ground. Sending over these 50 men, if they are killed or harmed, even worst held hostage with the Islam radicals executing them in their typical manner the American public would become enraged (especially after the repeated broadcasts of the elitists controlled mass media) and their ultimate goal to invade Syria would be achieved. I haven’t heard the “Commando” term used other than in references to World War II, by changing the nomenclature will people not make the connection, green berets, special forces, etc. and what happened in the past with their introduction into arenas of conflict We all know where that leads us.


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Much more, sit back enjoy your coffee……

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