SKULL AND BONES BUSHS nothing funny,lackeys for puppet masters,bush senior involved jfk murder,george jr involved in 911, terrorism of nwo

Bush and the multitude of Conspirators of the New World Order were involved in the murder of John F Kennedy with it’s legacy continuing to shape the world existence.
Join us at EYEONTERRA.COM and THELONEWOLFPARADIGM.COM as we look at the world today and what has brought it to where we stand now. One of the major acts of terrorism that went unnoticed and unlabeled at that time was the massive conspiracy used by well known participants to remove JFK from office and any possible future promise his Presidency would have left for the masses. How the untold number of lives lost in the past and those that will be lost to the future because this remorseful act was left unpunished with the guilty participants and their heirs continuing their legacy of lies, deception and trickery.

An early instant of the New World Order act of Terrorism to rid earth of sovereign nations and the ultimate control of humanity.

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