Way back in January, as their very first act after taking full control of Congress, they showed their hand: House Republicans passed a rule explicitly to force a crisis for Social Security as a means to force benefit cuts that are both unwanted and unneeded.

Now they are starting to make their move: Mainstream media outlets are echoing the Wall Street talking points, falsely saying that Social Security is going broke and pitting the young, old, and people with disabilities against each other. The New York Times ran an op-ed claiming, “Rising national debt levels may threaten the ability of millennials to collect on promised Social Security and Medicare benefits.”

They continue to use this outrageous talking point – thought-up by Third Way, Fix The Debt and other Wall Street front groups – even though Social Security has never contributed one penny to the deficit, has a $2.8 trillion surplus, can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 19 years and approximately 80% of benefits owed after that if no action is taken.

And this is just the beginning: A think tank called the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget is using this week to offer their own so-called compromise solutions, nearly all of which will cut the earned benefits of millions of Americans in exchange for allowing our Social Security system to continue to function as promised.

We’ve beaten back these attacks before, but we need your help again. Please donate to Social Security Works today to fight the united Republican attack on Social Security.

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Republicans claim they are the ones willing to make tough decisions. But forcing some of our country’s most vulnerable off of Social Security while millionaires and billionaires only pay into the program on a fraction of their income isn’t a tough decision, it’s outrageous.

Republicans are offering Americans a false choice between cuts and privatization. You and I know that all it really takes to extend the life of the Social Security trust fund is to ask the wealthy to start paying their fair share of taxes. And when they do, we can afford to expand benefits for millions of Americans.

Stand with Social Security Works in our fight to expand, not cut Social Security! Please donate today.

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Michael Phelan