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A.M. Arrest at 630 Pleasant Grove Road Inverness FL

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After examining the call tapes, the school called the Sheriff’s Office because a 5 year old was “terrorizing” (“key” word”) by wrapping his hands around the other child’s throat, a “1015” (arrest) was the result, the end results may have been overturned by a superior, information is unattainable.


This morning (Jan 30 2015) Citrus County Sheriff’s Deputy answered a call for a physical disturbance at 630 Pleasant Grove Road, Inverness FL. A battery occurred at the Pleasant Grove Elementary School, the suspect was questioned and then placed under arrest and transported to the youth facility for 5 year olds. The condition of the victim is unknown at this time. It has been undetermined if Miranda rights were read to the 5 year old and whether, if read, understood? Will the young man now have a criminal record following him for the rest of his life? Child records are sealed yet can be opened with the “authorities” deem it necessary, they are never expunged.

5 year old Arab boy arrested in Israel

As this is common practice in Israel (picture above) will it become prevalent in the United States?

  1. This is a blatant lie. Nothing of the sort occurred whatsoever! Unfortunately, there is some warped person out there who thinks making up false stories is ok.

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