This woman was in a Restaurant eating when Governor of Texas Rick Perry  came in and she asked to have a picture with him! Governor Perry who against equal rights for anybody, especially women around the county – especially Texas women who’ve watched Governor Rick Perry continuously stomp on women’s rights while he’s been in office. They would gladly line up to do the same thing, even if it meant getting this close to the anti-choice, anti-lgbt, voter-restricting, Limbaugh-loving, gun-waving Texas lawmaker who owns the title for most human executions. Perry, who has also been indicted for abuse of power, has created so many enemies, he can’t even take photos with folks he presumes are fans – without being duped. If we really do ‘get what we give’ in this world, the arrogant and unscrupulous Rick Perry is starting to get his.  Click the more link for what makes this photo-op really extraordinary!!  MORE

One can only hope this continues for the low life Governor of Florida Rick Scott, odd they share the same first name?? Perhaps it’s just the Republican Party that draws it’s sources for candidates from this type of people, Caveat Emptor is the brand name of all their merchandise or bull that their selling, which is Latin for “buyer beware!”

Anti People-especially women Gov Rick Perry of Texas

Fellow in Arms Governor Rick Scott of Florida