Mount of the Rock
UFO over the Jerusalem, the last space port as reported by the tablets of the Sumerians.

By Greg Giles
One of the oldest civilizations on Earth the Sumerian’s, 30,000 year old tablets were found buried in the desert near Baghdad from an underground structure estimated to be over 6000 years old, by two Muslims digging a well around the same time that Israel became a nation again. All bible stories are found within these writings and one set of tablets which state the author is our Lord and these texts will be buried until the appropriate time when they will be revealed.

Below a portion of a Sumerian Tablet show a UFO either, descending or ascending from a mother ship!

Sumerian Tablets show UFO'S descending from mothership








Sumerian had knowledge of the Solar System before modern man made their discoveries!
The video below tells how the Earth and the Moon were created according to the Sumerians.


See how the Earth and the Moon were created according to the Sumerians.












Above is a video showing a UFO over Jerusalem on Jan 28 2011

Many stories which include the trial of cane, the Garden of Eden, the expulsion of man from the garden and also other stories like why the asteroid belt is there and even what the face on Mars represents and who built it. It states the Tower of Babel was a star-gate and it was destroyed by atomic weapons, which left green glass in the desert for thousands of years, which no one knew of the glasses origin until it was matched with the green glass from our atomic testing grounds in New Mexico, creating evidence to these tablets statements. It also has the creation of man and the creation of Neanderthal man, in great detail of who, what when, where and why, with plenty of history preceding these events. It tells the story of Noah’s ark and that a cedar box full of the Earths DNA was loaded on board and that the whole community helped build it and all were welcomed to board it and many did. They say that God brought an angel in to navigate the vessel and that all Angels stayed in Virmanas hovering over the planet and weeping in sorrow, then after the flood an account was given of many other humans and Nephlim around the world did survived. It has the story of Gilgamesh’s search for immortality, how he found it and then lost it, along with his clone Enkidu and who created Enkidu and the purpose he was created and how the two defeated the dragon and how he tore the leg off of God’s mechanical Minotaur, which was guarding the Labyrinth of the landing area of the Angels virmanas, which Enkidu then by trial, paid for with his life. It tells that the van Allen radiation belt is around Earth to keep in the Fallen Angels and that the fallen angels were brought to Earth for a wedding and stole the weapons of evil and held hostage the Earth, till they were allowed to stay, now how would ancient Sumerians know these facts in such detail or even if we had such a belt around the Earth? We’ve only known this for a few hundred years; these tablets have been buried for thousands of years.

The ancient names found within these tablets are found all around the world in every culture’s religious writings. It explains the ties between modern man and this ancient world which humans do not notice anymore. For instance; have you not wondered why we as a Christian culture have our Nations capitol dome adorned with all the ancient Gods of Greece? These tablets tell why? These stories tell us who, what when, where of God in detail and all the angels around him, they also tell us things about the Greek Gods, which we thought were myths. That God may have rewritten the Old Testament around 800 BC to leave these Gods off, because our God was a jealous God.
If you can handle a new look at your bible, you can learn wondrous things. Like the fallen ones only numbered about 300 and these tablets actually say their home planet was Mars and are of a different race than our angels of the bible and they were given this name after a fight with God’s angels. These books say that their reproductive DNA is old and wore out and their only descendants were the Giants of our past, which God imprisoned there souls in the clay of the Earth because they were so evil and as the Government collects secretly the giants remains of these giants for their DNA. and the souls of these giants were kept in statues (made of clay) discovered by Sadam Hussein and kept at the Iraq museum, which we cleaned out during the invasion, which was the weapons of MASS destruction our Government were referring too and the reason for our invasion to DNA recreate the giants bodies so their souls would have their original vessel as God put a block between their seed and current mans bodies, which will recreate and put them back on Earth as in the days of Noah.
This is the kind of information you will find within these text. Through these texts, I can prove the existence of Jesus and so can you, if you are strong enough to handle the truth. In the Book (The Lost Book of Enki) by Zecharia Sitchin, one translator of these ancient writings, the making of man starts in Chapter 4 and the author says at the first of the book, that he is our creator and these books will be buried and surface for man, when the time is near. I studied and researched every subject I could possibly think to find evidence of the authenticity of the tablets and I even matched the names in these ancient texts to the oldest Jewish bible, which can be heard by a Rabi working in the museum where it was kept and the name of God was the same as these tablets. (EL) This can be heard in a video (Did God have a wife.) Just thought you might want to check it out? Did you know these writings explain that when the sun rises on the spring equinox in the constellation of Aquarius, is the date that Jesus will begin his rule on Earth? Not his coming, but when his rule will start. They tell who built the pyramids and why? They say that God’s angels used flying aircrafts called virmanas. They tell how King Solomon used demons to build his Temple and that he used a flying devise which was referred to as a flying carpet. It also places fact behind every Myth and legend we have like Homers writings, because no one wasted paper on fiction at that time. It talks of the veil over humanity, how it works and where the machine is at that operates it.
It tells man of the Chakra system and how it can be used to talk to angels and God in the same manner as Daniel and that you body must be clean from toxic foods. Did you know that Fluoride is a toxic chemical that corrodes the third eye Chakra and stops its function, used by Hitler and Stalin in prison camps and is the main substance in Prozac and all mind altering drugs and rat poison and our GMO foods cannot be taken to court for ten years, by presidential order, so our food will remain unclean. If this Chakra system was from the Devil, it would be encouraged to be used, not hidden from mankind. Did you know that the Pope has the Third eye symbol on his staff and a thirty foot statue of this pineal gland stands in front of the Vatican, but they keep it secrete from the followers to maintain control of their vast empire.  Here is a few more things I have found by studying these tablets to help expose Satan’s hold on humanity and to prove that Jesus is real and our time is near, I present the following facts so you may see and accept him as your savior! Well there is a new movie out that makes fun of N. Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il, who has placed billboards of his intentions, for all his people to see, He says; if the movie airs, there will be repercussions. This is the blame part of our next false flag, which will most likely be the nuclear rounds which disappeared on there way from Texas to N. Carolina last November and we will just say that he did this. The boarder patrol to Mexico has been removed from their post, leaving our boarders wide open. Truck loads of Marshal Law signs were brought in from Mexico, under the radar and once Marshal Law is declared, all elections stop, permanently. 800 FEMA prison camps have been built and are manned ready for this event, the U.N. is now advertising jobs to collect America’s guns. Your President name is Lightening from the Sky in the Language which Jesus spoke and there is proof that Obama Sr is not the president’s true father and was used so the name would fit biblical scripture.The food shortage for France, during the French revolution was created by the Illuminati, so the people would kill their own King, but it went wrong. Proof; that Kennedy, Garfield, Lincoln and even Caesar were assassinated by this group of Satan worshipers, as they each tried to use precious metals to back their currency. The Statue of liberty was created to be used in a different country, as a plan to build a huge lighthouse in the form of an ancient Egyptian female fellah or peasant, robed and holding a torch aloft, at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal in Port Said, Which was a cover story. It was created by Freemasons (illuminati) and given to Freemasons to stand near the new Babylon (New York) it is fashioned as the Roman Goddess libretti and a temple was created for this deity to stand on the Seven Hills of Rome and it now stands on an island with ten horns at her feet. It is the inanimate angel that stands on the sea and on the land in our bible and red lights is used at its base for this reason. The signs in the heavens are the blood moons and they will not come again for five hundred years, which are part of the sign in the heavens, promised by our Lord. In the Koran about the four horsemen, their Savior comes riding a white horse to kill their enemies, which are the Christians and the Jews and are ordered by this book to kill these infidels. Our bible states REV 6 I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2
I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. (Against Jews and Christians)You can see that they are written in opposition.  There are still over a half million Russian and Chinese troops on our soil as U.N. security, in a direct violation of our constitution to enforce the coming marshal law. All wars can be proven to be started by this group, like Lyndon Johnson with the Gulf of Tonkin false flag where our Navy was ordered to fire on our own ships to start the Vietnam war, or the six day war, where Israel jets were ordered to fire on the U.S.S Liberty by Johnson, demanding them and recorded on tape to not stop until all witness on the American ship were dead.  Roosevelt ignoring Japanese warning so they would attack Pearl Harbor and bring America into the war, the already proven fact they (Bankers) started WW! and even our Civil war had two brothers as bankers on opposite sides to fund each for profit, this group had corporations which built our factories and arms for the American military for WW2 and they also rebuilt Hitler’s factories every time we bombed them.

This information is all true and I could go on writing for weeks. We are a deceived nation. Did you know that all sickness and cancer can be cured by natural means, but they made natural cures illegal? Did you know that the flu of 1918, the Ebola virus and aids were all created in a lab to reduce human population and none are natural? Did you know they donated money to colleges to have a representative sit on their board to make sure no Doctor could learn natural healing? They are buying up all the water on the planet, but it is now illegal to collect your own rain water, even for drinking, another resource they wish to control. Electricity can be produced free, as Tesler proved, but they want you to pay for it, so they took all his work. We have motors that run with no fuel and can power a house, but it is illegal to patent a motor that runs itself. 911 was implemented as a false flag by our own government to have a never ending war called terrorism and this subject is the easiest to prove with the most evidence. We have weather machines, but our food supply is dwindling because of drought, even hurricane Katrina was intensified for disaster effects, because that region will be their new main port for shipping after New York (Babylon)is destroyed as Prophecy demands and they wanted the people to leave the area, that is why people reported explosions near the Levy in New Orleans, before they burst and flooded the city. Open range for cattle is being confiscated, so a corporation can have full control of our beef supplies. The U.N was created by the illuminati and their goal is to save and control the planet as part of their New World order and they also created Hitler to achieve this goal, but did not have the surveillance needed to control the people, which they now have remedied and by reducing the population to 500 million, just as their Georgia guide-stones state. What was and is no more and is again is the Catholic Church which sits on seven hills and is Rome. The knight’s Templar who were sent to collected religious artifacts so the Catholic Church could hide and control this information from man, not to share it, so we would forget, as we have.You can actually hear Satan speak at the republican national retreat which is held every July in a hidden camera video of (Bohemian Grove, with Alex Jones). Where the Bush family and Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon and rich and influential people from all over the planet run around naked and have homosexual orgies and dress in red robes praying around a 35 ft. statue of an owl, which is also on our dollar bill and the Goat statue which represents the upside down star of Satan. Reports; that our gold has been removed from Ft. Knox, so the dollar will have no backing and will fall and become worthless, this started around 2002 when Bush used our gold reserves to pay corporations for oil. For the New World order to work, the dollar must fall and have no way of recuperating, so the gold had to go and other restrictive laws must be put into place, like the new law in Louisiana where they have made trading an Item for an Item, without money against the law, including all garage sales. It would be against this law to trade, say a horse for a pocket knife. It is also against the law to have more than one week’s supply of food (Patriot act)I tell you the Earthly things I have found, because the time is near for the return of Jesus and all things on Earth have already been made ready and will be revealed, I believe before the last blood moon. If you are saved help those who are not and be counted as a good and faithful servant, by our Lord. Please research any fact you are troubled by for the answers are all within your reach and listen to the many that are here to warn, especially anything by Steve Quail as he also knows and sees behind our veil and has over 25 years more research than I. I have only researched for six thousand hours, for three years, six days a week and 10 hours a day, while meditating and fasting and praying for guidance from our Lord, just so I may know my world as it is. May God have mercy in his wisdom and mercy in his judgment?