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English: Volusia County, FL, February 9, 2007 — FEMA Director David Paulison (right) and Florida Governor Charlie Crist take a helicopter tour of central Florida. Director Paulison was in Florida to check on the progress of the recovery following the recent tornadoes. Mark Wolfe/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve been working for Charlie Crist since October 2005 — from an R to an I to a D, I’ve stuck with him.

I don’t care what letters go after his name — I’d work for Charlie if he ran for dog catcher.

My reason for showing up every day is simple: I know who Charlie is, I’ve seen how he works, and I know that he’s what Florida needs right now. What’s your reason for fighting?

I was working in the governor’s mansion when Charlie defied his party to extend voting hours and made sure people could cast their ballots.

Even when all the Republican hotshots said it wasn’t the smart political choice, Charlie knew it would help Floridians, so he did it. He says and does what he believes is right — his moral compass points due north.

I wasn’t too surprised when I saw that of the hundreds of stories that have come in so far, many are from Republicans like me. Rick Scott might share our party affiliation, but he doesn’t seem to fight for people like us.

Charlie does. I’m proud to work for him, and I’ll be proud to vote for him this fall.

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Katie Bohnett
Director of Scheduling
Charlie Crist for Governor

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