Our strategy is pretty simple.

We’re going to do person-to-person organizing powered by grassroots supporters like you.

The office we’re opening on Saturday will be the center of this critical work in Broward County.

I want to open offices like this all across the great state of Florida — will you chip in $5 or more to help make that happen?

Have you ever met someone willing to spend a Saturday knocking on a few doors for Rick Scott?

I haven’t, either.

That’s why I’m investing a whole lot in our organizing program. The energy is out there — I see it everywhere I travel. We’ve got the right vision for Florida, and we’re going to talk to as many voters as we can to make sure everyone knows it.

Help build the biggest grassroots campaign a statewide race has ever seen.

Chip in $5 or more now:


God bless you,


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