by Jeff Dolittle

The brave souls that have a lifetime to look forward to, a lifetime of pain, suffering, stares, not fitting in, never to be accepted except out of pity, their torture goes on seemingly forever, after a time, they realize the lucky ones, are the ones who didn't come back.

Over a hundred years of falsehoods to take the Nation to war for so many times. Some may say that in certain instances it is necessary but they are not the ones that send and lose their love ones in these bloodbaths of greed. The video below documents all the times that our elected officials have lied to us to bring the Nation into war. In most of the cases, the bottom line was the reason. The corporate greed of the Monolith that now controls the Nation and is striving for the complete one world order that some of you may have heard about is a work in progress. Every time one of the elected stooges for this order professes their reasons for marching our kids off to war is another step taken toward achieving this goal. Watch the video below, it’s documents all those times, going back to the Spanish-American War and Remember the Maine!

February 15: USS Maine explodes

No more shall we  be the pawns of the elitists and their stooges.
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