Dear Editor

They’re at it again! Tea Party extremists are filing for office as Democrats, trying to steal elections by sabotaging our candidates in the primaries.

The latest example is in Montana, where at least eight Republican officials and Tea Partiers are lying about their party affiliation in order to challenge bona fide Democrats in the 2014 legislative primary.

Please chip in $10 now to fight back now – we need your help to get the word out about these “Fakers” and defeat other GOP dirty tricks all over the country!

This is NOT a simple disagreement between Democrats – this is a coordinated campaign to rig the November election for Republicans.

One of these eight fake candidates is even a County Republican Party officer! Others are members of Tea Party activist groups, and some have even called for President Obama’s impeachment. Their only purpose is to steal elections by keeping real Democratic candidates off the ballot in November.

If we don’t get the word out now, dirty tricks like these could actually work.

Donate $10 right now to help defeat right-wing dirty tricks and protect our elections.

Thank you,

Kevin Boyd
Regional Strategist
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

P.S. Tricks like these are only the beginning – please donate $10 now to help Democrats fight back against EVERY Tea Party dirty trick, in every state.