Serafin Cuchy Solis arrested as suspect in the Beverly Hills Bank Robbery of the Suntrust Bank on 2.18.2014

Bank Robbery Suspect walks causually out of the Suntrust Bank with gun in hand       EYEONCITRUS.COM

The suspect in this morning bank robbery of the Suntrust bank in Beverly Hills, FL was apprehended around 2:30 the same day at the Paddock shopping mall with his two year old daughter. Serafin Cuchy Solis, 30, of 80 S. Lee St., Beverly Hills, FL after Ocala police identified his vehicle in the parking lot of the mall. After the arrest the daughter was turned over to other family members. For more information, listen to the Lone Wolf from EyeOnCitrus.Com with a video update below…

Update: Suspect Apprehended Ocala Paddock Marr