Dear Editor,

As I write this email, 1199SEIU nursing home workers are in a room right now negotiating with Consulate Health Care to increase staffing and bedside care in nursing homes across Florida so that seniors get the quality care they deserve.

Let’s surprise them when they come out for a coffee break. Let’s light up Consulate’s phone lines RIGHT NOW and let them know that real people are demanding that Consulate invest more in caregivers and bedside care rather than pocketing more than a billion dollars in profits.

Call Now: (407) 571-1550

Be polite, but firm. Here’s what we need you to say:

Hello, my name is _____ and I am from _____. I am calling to urge Consulate Health Care to invest more in caregivers. Consulate nursing aides and workers provide life sustaining care to those near the end of their lives and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I urge you to pass a message along to CEO Joseph Conte encouraging him to invest more in caregivers so that families’ loved ones get the care they need.
They are in negotiations right now. Pick up the phone and call (407) 571-1550.

We already know that Consulate executives are making huge seven figure salaries. The least they can do is make sure those who are caring for our parents and grandparents in their facilities are treated fairly and have the time they need to provide the best bedside care possible.

So, please, call now and together, we can push Consulate to negotiate a fair deal that invests in caregivers and bedside care.

In Solidarity,


Monica Russo
Executive Vice President Florida Regional Director
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East – Florida Region

P.S. You can also speak out by posting a comment on Consulate’s Facebook page. Speak out now and together, we can turn up the pressure on Consulate to protect seniors in their nursing homes by investing more in bedside care and caregivers!

1199SEIU Florida
14645 NW 77th Ave, Suite 201, Miami Lakes, FL 33014