Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles by Mei...
Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles by Meister des Hausbuches, 1475 (Gemäldegalerie, Berlin). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear Editor,


Today I read the 9/30/13 Chronicle article about the new pope: “A breath of fresh air” It was very good.


If you publish another one on “faith” you might think about that he – (besides favoring an American Ford Focus car for transportation) Pope Francis recently asked for world wide prayer for peace: in the world after President Obama wanted to bomb Syria because of the horrible chemical warfare in that country- the prayers have been answered.


The current president of Syria has agreed to remove it’s chemical weapons.
Besides that, since the worldwide prayer – history has been made with
President Obama speaking of peace with the new more moderate president
of Iran.


The part of this article by Leonard Pitts that was especially moving
was:  “Let’s consider for a moment the washing of feet. Though Francis
broke with tradition by including prisoners, women and non-Christians,
the ritual itself is an old one of the most poignant incidents in the
Bible. The book of John recounts how Jesus, in the hours before his
crucifixion, decides to teach his disciples one last lesson. he kneels
before them and washes their feet. People call this an act of humility.
if you are a Christian, that word is not nearly strong enough for the
idea of God incarnate, the Creator of Creation, the Author of
Everything, wiping dirt and camel dung from the feet of these often
dull-witted fisherman – and then telling them explicitly that He wants
them to follow. Take care of one another. Serve one another.”


As a candidate for county commissioner on the campaign trail, people
have spoken to me as if I am running for president, or on the Supreme
Court – to stop abortion, stop corruption wherever – once elected.


My answer is:  No, I Cannot Stop Corruption or the Wrong Doing In Others


– but that man who washed the feet of lowly men: CAN!


Renee Christopher-McPheeters Crystal River


CC Leonard Pitts, The Miami Herald