It was announced today that one of the last two anchored stores at the Crystal River Mall is closing. Belk is slated to close in Jan 2014, leaving only KMART left, with JCPENNY recently closing this leaves many questions as to the sustainability of the Mall?

Belk Closing Crystal River Mall EYEONCITRUS.COM

The new Wal-Mart center off of 486 and 491 is a large area with the possibility of many stores being added to that complex, but as of now, there are no planned official announcements and the area can only hope that it may be a future possibility, otherwise, as more and more businesses close shops in the county, leaving the infrastructure to be paid for by the minimum wage workers and the rich, as the taxes rise, the population will dwindle and the outlook dims.

Crystal River Mall Belk Closing EYEONCITRUS.COM