No more automobile tents sales at the armory-Lamb wins again! That’s how it really happens. Dealing with all those ridiculous land use hearings put on by Stillwell and Co. cost big money to orchestrate and are truly pointless. It’s much more efficient to spend a little money on a memorial for a wounded vet than to write a check to Stillwell’s firm. Besides, this is much cleaner – no messy public hearings, no Chairman Meek thanking everyone to death, no trouser dropping security screening, and those always unforeseen land mines Commissioner Adams brings up from time to time, which staff was never prepared for or wants the public to hear anything about.
Claude Strass

burying your head in the sand either at the local level or national MAKES IT EASY for the kick in the ASS, don't you know!   EYEONCITRUS.COM

So that’s what all this brouhaha with Kenney and the cemetery is likely all about. Election season is on the horizon, Lamb’s property is on life-support due to the economy, and the State purchasing it is less messy than mining anyway. What private firm in this economy would be considered a serious buyer? Seriously, how much mining is going on anywhere and where’s the need? If there’s no need there’s no value. With Kenney on his mission for the State to purchase it two things are accomplished. Kenney ascends to hero status and Lamb gets to dump his pig-in-a-poke. This has likely been the play all along. Once Lamb determined he made a poor decision when he purchased the property, it’s time to look for alternatives. One of those being, government funded purchases. Thereafter, the BOCC makes the one of the most intellectually challenging decisions in land planning history – a mine next to a cemetery. Talk about things that make you go – huh? For newspaper purposes and for the families associated with Red Level Cemetery, Kenney’s pursuit may appear admirable. Let’s just remember, there’s two reasons for something happening in life. The reason and the real reason, when you get to the latter, you’ve got your answer. And each of these parties has their REAL reason for what they are doing. With Lamb, it was never about the need for a mining to begin with