Alpha to Omega Journey to the End of Time    EYEONCITRUS.COM

A look at our origins without the taint of religious, governmental and scientific dogma.

What does the future hold for us? The inseparable bond between past and future is the cause and effect of our collective beliefs and the choices influenced by them. Today’s world mirrors the obvious flaws in our basic assumptions. Unsolved mysteries of ancient history serve as evidence to errors in our religious and historical precepts.
Awaken to the Inherited assumptions that shape our destiny. The key to the cryptic message of Revelation is in the Metaphysics of Truth – THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS TRYING TO REVEAL ITSELF TO US.
Once we understand our world as a reflection of the delicate metaphysical balance between Truth’s incessant Will to be made manifest and the errant choices of human will, we will see the APOCALYPSE for what it really is – an unveiling of Truth through the harsh experiences that enlighten us. Continue reading here……