Letters to the Editor   EYEONCITRUS.COM

Dear Editor, 
Thank you for the 5/20/13 article "What makes America strong". It 
covered what we -as a "national family" 
have heard about: the dramatic escape and rescue of three young women 
in Cleveland, Ohio – who were held captive 
for a decade and of their self-reliance, courage and survival instincts – that tell us that we have it within us to 
endure what might appear to be the "impossible". 
These three young girls were horribly abused by a cruel captor for 10 years in his home but now they are free! 
Their freedom came because a concerned neighbor named Charles Ramsey 
saw one of the girls "trying to get out of the house" he kicked in the 
locked door allowing an escape of the girls including a daughter of one of the girls born in captivity. 
Charles Ramsey was the epitome of "A Good Neighbor" And he made sure 
that these poor abused souls were taken away from the Ohio house of horrors. 
They Survived And We Can Learn From Their 
Fight for Freedom to have Courage: Knowing That Good Always 
Triumphs Over Evil As We Hold Firm To Faith For What Is Good – Being 
Good Neighbors! 
Renee Christopher-McPheeters 
Citrus County