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Former nuclear power industry executive Arnie Gundersen, appeared on the March 23, 2013 Coast to Coast AM radio show and revealed that Fukushima has 7-8 years of nuclear toxic waste stored in spent fuel pools. "There is more waste in the pools at Fukushima Daiichi than in all of the nuclear weapons that have ever been exploded above ground," he said. Even more frightening, in the U.S. such pools contain about 700 nuclear bombs worth of radioactive material and depend on uninterrupted cooling to avoid becoming volatile. He cited the recent story of rats chewing on wires and knocking out the spent fuel pool at three Daiichi reactors to show how vulnerable nuclear plants are to disaster. One of the biggest threats to nuclear power plants is seismic activity. If an earthquake disrupted operations at the Indian Point plant, for instance, all of New York City would need to be evacuated, Gundersen warned.


If the Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the largest ever recorded (in recorded history), had hit 12 hours later, when there would have been only skeleton crews of 100 at the facilities instead of the 1000 at each of the Fukushima locations, than the radiation leakage and devastation would have been so bad as to call for the evacuation of the entire island nation of Japan!  The new leaders of Japan, today, instead of grasping this fact, want to actually proceed to build new and replace damage nuclear facilities across the entire nation of Japan. Suspect is given to the Corporate Monolith that is involved in this effort, as well as other efforts around the globe, where illogical and dangerous endeavors are pursued without any concern for the public welfare, how else could you possibly explain the reasoning for the expansion of the nuclear industry across the earthquake prone island of Japan?

The continued leakage of radiation from these facilities is a threat to not just Japan, but the entire world, not only from the harm of the increased exposure to radiation, but also from the consumption of food products that originate from Japan and from the oceans where this radiation has been leaking into and the countless species from the deep that are consumed worldwide. In typical governmental hogwash, the nation’s measurement for dangerous levels for exposure to radiation has continually gone up since this disaster!