Jeannette Goldsmith evaluation of the EDC is spot on. It is time that joe meek step down and is replaced with a common sense doer. The report shows the incompetence of his leadership, come on no sewer and water or a clear vision, nor a strategic plan, not even a shovel ready site. No wonder we are in the poor economic shape we are. We need more Scott Adams type to get our county on track with the necessary improvements and cost reductions. Our county commissioners are clueless without accountability while being part of the good old boy and girl network. They are spending our money like drunken sailors without proper accountability. Adams has it right he represents us as the stockholders of the county while the rest of the commissioners need to wise up, they are not royalty of their kingdom to do as they please with our money, WE ARE NOT THEIR SERFS, that type of government was left in Europe when our ancestors came to this country. Now is the time the focus and pressure be directed at the problem not Scott Adams, who is our solution. Lets give Scott all our support at all the future Commission Meetings, he has earned it and deserves it. The rest of the commissioners were and are in-charge of all the counties problems it is time they accept responsibility and resign… THEY HAVE NO CLUE.. Claude Strass