by Dave Gregory

Can you avoid the Sheeples Sinkhole of Doom??    EYEONCITRUS.COM

The news outlets of this country are no longer un biased distributors of the news, factually, telling the who, why, what, where, when and how, they have all become the properties of the Corporate Monolith and they only give out the facts according to the doctrine that is set by the New World Order made up primarily of the elitists of the world and their stooges, our elected officials. Face facts, the money it takes to run for office in this country today would be the budget of  most small nations.  The only way anyone is going to get elected under these circumstances is to become their pawn in their grand scheme of things, and which folks, doesn’t include the average, everyday person. The poor and the middle classes are simple their pawns, pawns which they have easily manipulated in the past and will in the future, by spoon feeding them only the tidbits of information that they deem the public needs to know. Some are more blatant in their news manipulation than others, but they are all guilty of it. Here at EYEONCITRUS.COM, every effort is made to cut away their pasteurized news and give you the facts. And in that effort, we need contributors to assist us, everyday, please email us with your news, and if you like we will grant you access to post right here! Help us, help you and the rest of humanity avoid the sheeples sinkhole of no return.