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A 54-year-old woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver Monday night in Citrus County, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

According to troopers, Doreen T. Ashley of Homosassa was walking on the outside of West Rosedale Drive near Enright Terrace at an undetermined time. She was struck by an unknown vehicle whose driver fled the scene without rendering aid or reporting the crash.

Ashley died at the scene, and her body was discovered by Citrus County sheriff’s deputies.

FHP says 54-year-old Doreen Ashley was walking along the outside portion of eastbound West Rosedale Drive when she was hit by the car.

She was left for dead. Citrus County Sheriff’s deputies discovered her body New Year’s Eve.

FHP is asking anyone with information to call Corporal Parnell at 352-796-6767.

7 thoughts on “HIT AND RUN Homosassa

  1. Do I know her? The name seems familiar. Poor woman may she rest in peace!


    1. don’t think so Dana, the name is a little usually, in fact, the first name is my mother-n-laws, name. She is in her 80’s and just arrived from PA via Jacksonville (car with her daughter-Christine)she had some sort of spell in Jacksonville and was in the hospital at least a week up there, got down here to be put in a rehab in beverly hills. who knows, hope the new year is starting off good for you.


  2. This was my friend who i was just recently in contact with and planning a visit to reunite our High School friendship instead of the joy we should of shared my heart is heavy..if anyone has any information please help her family find whoever did this to her with no regard to her life !

    1. Liberty, I think I know of you. Doreen will be cremated tomorrow. Dor’s ## will be good till the 11th. Her parents are beside themselves. If you can call them it would be a good thing.

  3. Doreen was my lifelong sister from another mother. She was there to help her parents from Chicago. Her Parents told me that there was a note on their door today from the FHP they had caught this Murderer. All the news articles were giving out a “Not in Service” number.. THE CORRECT HOTLINE ## IS CORP PARNELL @ FHP. 1352-754-6767; EXT 164.
    The Editor at one newspaper said that was the ## the FHP was giving out. Liberty. Get in touch with me.

  4. Debbie,my name is Cindy Smullin i think you were talking to me, i dont know why it sez Liberty i didnt put my name up tho. But i did talk to Richard and Josephine today for awhile.I dont want to put my number up but feel free to get it from The Ashleys..Thank God this woman has been caught. Hopefully there wil be some justice for our dear friend Dor !

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