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Morgan The Buccanneer Raid on Maracaibo Venezuela

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5Morgan and Rolf’s Excellent Adventure 
By listenup
This is a great piece of work from a gifted wordsmith. Rolf Lyon has obviously done his research and knows of what he writes. His incredibly intuitive knack for taking historical facts and figures and connecting them with fictional scenes and characters, makes this a 5 star read.

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5Heaven and Hell in Every Moment!
By B. L. Corcoran
From Henry Morgan’s first sip of thick Jamaican coffee aboard his flagship, Oxford, followed by a wickedly funny prank played upon Captains Bigford and Balfor aboard the sloop Serpent, to the aftermath of an all-out Buccaneer raid on Maracaibo, and an accidental glimpse of Morgan embracing a shapely woman on the dock below, this is an adventure not to be missed!
Unlike typical blood and gore stories about Buccaneers, this tale is filled with facts generously sprinkled with wit and humour. An easy, fun read that has spice, flavor and pace comparable to that which makes the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so great. There is laughter, bloodshed, defeat and success. There is sex and debauchery.
Author Rolf Lyon obviously knows his stuff inside and out. His writing is easy, comfortable, as if he has lived to tell the tale himself, and is sitting comfortably across a heavy wooden table lit by an old oil lantern, recounting the adventure whilst nursing a smoldering, smudgeless, clay pipe and a bottomless cup of rum.
Surely this must come from a past life of his; he is that comfortable with it. The details are there, colorful but not overdone, the dialogue is free-flowing, smooth. The story moves quickly; not a wasted word on any page.
The glossy cover and the elegantly smooth pages are the icing on the cake. All in all, it is the perfect recipe for a book that will entertain readers of all types – an interest in Buccaneers is not required to thoroughly enjoy this story.
The book is sexy and fun. Morgan is devilish and quick-witted. He’s a trickster, charmer, and a practical joker. Tarrante, with his mutilated lip, is rough and virile with a permanent drool. Wallace is a knob-licker. Collier is ever-faithful. Doctor Browne is dedicated to his position. The wildly uninhibited, playful and cunning Sara has what it takes to get under Morgan’s skin. Will Rebecca change everything? Dan is essential, for without whom, Morgan may never have uncovered his own secrets, nor discovered the meaning of life.
A sequel is a must, however. We just cannot leave Sara, Rebecca, the Governor and Morgan in the predicaments they are in.
Besides learning a bit of history, by the time you finish reading this book, you too, will share the knowledge of "Heaven and Hell in every moment!"
Buy this book. Read it – twice, even. Get your friends to buy it. Then ask the question, "What happens next?"

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