After the GOP had rape and pillaged the Nation leading us into the Great Depression, FDR, came along and had to bring the country back from their grips,in order to restore the Nation. The Republicans of that era even went so far as to plot to overthrow his new leadership, but that’s another bit of history.Click Here-In Search Of History - The Plot To Overthrow FDR (History Channel)  EYEONCITRUS.COM



Click Here-The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR

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That was yesterday, their last successful attempt was in the thief of the election of 2000, when through manipulation of the election process in Florida (George Bush brother ran Florida, Jeb Bush)with George Bush and Cheney taking control of the government(there were a lot of firsts in Bush’s Presidency, the first time the exit polls at the polling stations had ever been wrong in predicting an election, the first time NORAD had ever been put in charge of a civilian-Dick Cheney, others to numerous to mention here, but the main one, the first time in the history of the world, that skyscrapers had collapsed because of fire!), along with their cabal of Neo-Cons, who set out on a path of privatization, deregulation and war, these policies led to the raping and pillaging of the wealth of our Nation on the backs of it’s citizenry. Franklin D. Roosevelt warning to the people in 1936 was needed then, as it is now!

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