Rand Paul endorses Romney and Bilderberg Group

Rand Paul refused to comment when confronted by We Are Change Representatives, to the question why he has endorsed Romney, when Romney backs the Bilderberg group and the FED, and the positions that Rand Paul campaigned against when he ran for office! The rich and the powerful apparently have not only taken Romney under their wing, when, in fact, he is nearly a chartered member, but has not quite reached that plateau yet, but hopes to be if he gets elected President. His 230 million dollar net worth does not hit the mark to become a Bilderberg, but Romney is confident that the time will be short, before he does.

Bilderberg Group the rich elitists who shape world events in order to make more money from War and Corporate Theivery   EYEONCITRUS.COM

Rand Paul has not only reversed his positions from when he ran for the Senate but he has gone in complete opposition to his father, the retired Congressman, Ron Paul, who made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for President.

Ron Paul the unsuccesful candidate for the GOP Nomination for the Presidency, he has never supported the FED, nor does he endorse Romney  EYEONCITRUS.COM

Ron Paul has not endorsed Mitt Romney and will not endorse Mitt Romney and has always been against the FED and the Bilderberg Group!

Rand Paul flips Flops on opposition to the FED and endorses Romney in opposition to his father.