Renee McPheeters President of Reagan Club      EYEONCITRUS.COM 
Dear Editor,

As to your (Citrus County Chronicle) editorial of 9/23/12, " Blocking purchase illogical", 
although your editorial board has been correct on many issues, I take 
exception to this criticism of the Chairman of the Citrus County 
Hospital Board, whose abstaining vote was in the best interests of the 
indigent and our tax dollars, as there have been many misunderstandings 
and countless legal battles between the two hospital boards in the past 
- concerning the tax dollars belonging to the Citizens' and that they 
be used for the indigent only.

So why not have in writing on major expenditures, after the major 
problems exposed at the insistence of meeting the needs of the 
indigent. Let us never forget that the only reason that the Citrus 
County Hospital Board exists: is to insure that the indigent have 
healthcare at this county owned Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Furthermore, the statement in this editorial about the CCHB: "We 
recommend that Mr.'Smallridge be replaced" is very incorrect, actually 
he deserves a reward for looking out for
Indigent care and our tax dollars!

By the way, I know of several Citizens' without insurance, (although 
some have received good care) who have not been given proper care at 
Citrus Memorial Hospital, one of whom, is in danger of losing a foot 
unless there is intervention for his care.

Sadly, the Chronicle Editorial Board did experience a bout of erratum, 
causing a serious case of true blockage of rationality!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters
Crystal River