If anyone believes that a Romney election will improve their condition , they are sadly mistaken. The ruling elite who have been in an endless struggle with the middle class and poor have Romney as their man. Remember Bush, he’s the one that got us all into this quagmire of no jobs, no money, and no hope. And Bush accomplished that by creating war all across the Middle East and giving all his buddies free rein to make their millions, billions off our backs by deregulating all the major industries in the country, which includes, lest we forget, the banking industry. All these accomplishments were brought about post haste by the false flag operation of 911, which not only opened the door to the middle east for our men and women to go and die for THEIR gains, but also enabled them to pass the Patriot Act, which effectively tore our Constitution and Bill of Rights to shreds, so when you read the following, you need to realize that the same cabal of greedy bastards are fixing on doing it again to us, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. Editor

If you want a live-action version of a Democratic nightmare these days, the weekend events in Park City, Utah, are a decent start.

And that might look like the fun part of the week for Democrats before we’re through.

In Utah, at an exclusive retreat amid picturesque mountains, an estimated 700 well-heeled, well-connected Republicans convened with Mitt Romney and his top campaign aides for golf, hob-nobbing, and private campaign strategizing.

It was a show of force for Romney – all the more remarkable because he’s barely two months beyond worries about the toll of an extended primary season.

Those gathered, and their many rich friends scattered across the country, have reason for confidence. The race lurches into summer essentially tied, with views on the economy continuing to sour – just as President Obama is set to face a fresh set of challenges to his reelection bid. Rest of story here…