Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!!


Recently a member of the Transportation Planning Organization, complained that he was "not in the loop" about "Port Citrus" a  Citrus County Commission project.


Actually, whoever in the general public, that I have spoken to – and that is many, I can truthfully say that the average Citizen does not want our tax money "In the Loop" of "Port Citrus"!! We are tired of politician’s Tax & Spend Mentality: WITHOUT THE GO-AHEAD of the Citizens!

The Citizens are definitely "Out of the Loop" on Port Citrus, just as much as they were "Out of the Loop"  on the "Ottawa Connector" , and the "Inter local Centralized Sewer Agreement", even though their taxes/finances were shoved/planned  to be "In the Loop" – "to the hilt" on all of these BOCC Projects!!!

There has been no advertised official public hearing or referendum on "Port Citrus: both are recommended or else NOT ANOTHER of the Citizen’s tax dollars should go into the "Port Citrus" $$$ Money Loop!! In fact at this point MOST Citizens want THEIR money OUT OF THE LOOP" & NO MORE IN THE LOOP!!! The BOCC is supposed to represent "WE THE PEOPLE"!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Citrus County