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Saving American Democracy Amendment

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Washington has been bought by the Corporate Monolith. The individuals on the Hill know NO allegiance to the people. Their only allegiance is to the Corporate Monolith which controls all their actions. The American Democracy may be too late to save. The one, last attempt, to stop the downfall of our Nation and the Democracy that it once was is being offered by a Constitutional Amendment proposed and submitted by the Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a friend of mine and a former neighbor of mine when I lived in Vermont. He had a small farm on Miller Hill, many years ago. Bernie and myself, as well as many Americans, never envisioned a day when so many of our individual rights would be stripped away by a cold, uncaring government, a government bought and paid for by the Corporate Elite. The American people have been and are being bombarded with ideas that are alien to our way of life. Ideas such as the ruling by the Supreme Court, that Corporations have the same rights as individuals, as you and I, and therefore, can contribute to various campaigns, using various tricks, enormous amounts of money, thereby, guaranteeing the election of their robo-voters to the Congress.


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