image There is a need for the acceptance of responsibility for ethics of those in leadership positions. An example – the Penn State story of alleged child abuse that occurred on campus, with indications of similar abuse going as far back as 1998: was revealing of the total lack of ethics of some in charge here in America!  Penn State should have gone by  – "doing the right thing may be embarrassing and painful, but in the end, doing what is right causes less pain and creates less embarrassment" Although I must add, more importantly, by exposing such atrocity against children -  they will not be victimized by predators, instead: the Children Are Protected! This is the same philosophy that I have endorsed against Pornography with Concerned Women For America, Inc… I then realized that Children were the main target of predators. Living in Florida, where there is a history of many child abduction and murder by predators – I independently promoted the Proclamations Against Child Pornography, bringing the leaders of governmental entities together to Boldly Claim Responsibility By Proclamation To Protect Children From Molesters! Since then, after much hard work, trials and tribulations – I have received Seven Original  Proclamations Against Child Pornography, from Seven Floridian Cities signed by their Councilpersons, Mayors and then presented to me at their City Council Meetings! Congratulations to the following Cities for Being Ethical by Proclamation to Stand up and Fight for the Children Against Pornography/Predators!: Belleview, Crystal River, Dunnellon, Leesburg, Longwood, Ocala, Ormond Beach, and Much Success and Godspeed for them all!!! Because they did  "The Right Thing"!!!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters