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It laid out a very specific plan to save Republican election candidates from losing this November because of their ties to big banks, as well as recapture the White House. How will they do it? By using a dirty tricks campaign to destroy the Occupy Wall Street movement within 60 days. Here’s how.

The 4-page memo is from the PR firm Clark, Lytle, Geduldig & Cranford and addressed to one of its clients – the American Banking Association. To give a little insight into CLGC, the second ‘C’ in CLGC is for Jay Cranford. As recently as six months ago, Mr. Cranford served as an aide to Republican House Speaker John Boehner before becoming a partner at CLGC. Aside from connections to the most powerful member of the Republican Party, the firm’s client list is a virtual who’s who of America’s Fortune 100. They include such powerhouses as:

  • American Insurance Association
  • American Banking Association

With a client line-up like that, its’ no wonder Clark, Lytle, Geduldig & Cranford offered to single-handedly destroy the Occupy Wall Street movement. Their plan of action assured it could be at least partially complete within 60 days. Their price – $850,000.


image Why do they want to discredit and destroy the Occupy Wall Street Movement? The following excepts from the CLGC Memo explain:

“Leading Democratic party strategists have begun to openly discuss the benefits of embracing growing and increasingly organized Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement to prevent Republican gains in Congress and the White House next year…This would mean more than just short-term political discomfort for Wall Street firms. If vilifying the leading companies of this sector is allowed to become an unchallenged centerpiece of a coordinated Democratic campaign, it has the potential to have very long-lasting political, policy and financial impacts on the companies in the center of the bullseye.”

The political experts at CLGC then go on to make their most fearsome prediction – not only will Democrats embrace the Occupy movement and condemn Wall Street, Republicans will too. The memo states:

“The bigger concern should be that Republicans will no longer defend Wall Street companies – and might start running against them too.”

The memo goes on to warn that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have the exact same goals. It’s only the firms like CLGC that continue to use their hired pundits in the mainstream media to pit the two sides against each other. The memo insists:

“OWS protesters and the Tea Party overlap on angered populism…This combination has the potential to be explosive later in the year when media reports cover the next round of bonuses and contrast it with stories of millions of Americans making do with less this holiday season.”

Score one for the good guys. In an attempt to incite fear in their clients, the memo credits the “rag-tag group of protesters” with being, “an organized competitor who is very nimble and capable of working the media, coordinating third party support and engaging office holders to do their bidding.”


The above section explained in the firm’s own words why they want to destroy the Occupy Wall Street movement. Below, we quote excerpts from the CLGC firm’s memo detailing how they’re going to do it.

Basically, their plan of attack is broken up into (5) covert tactics:

1. Survey Research

The first step in their strategy is to survey the people whose opinions they’re going to try and sway – “women, seniors, suburban voters, GOP and Tea Party”. The surveys will include one large, national survey and eight local surveys in key swing states. Those targeted states are “Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada and New Mexico”.

2. Opposition Research

Once they have defined who ‘their people’ are, they will use the survey to find out their people’s greatest dislikes about the Occupy movement demonstrators. Once a rough character profile is created, the stated goal is to infiltrate the Occupy demonstrations and find the most offensive and embarrassing protesters to saturate the local media with. With many news outlets owned by some of CLGC’s very own clients and their corporate partners, enlisting the support of corporate media is a given.

The key objectives of CLGC’s ‘opposition research’ tactic is to find out exactly who they’re up against. The memo echoes a widely circulating rumor that George Soros is funding the entire Occupy cause. Regardless, the banking and insurance PR firm suggests exposing whoever truly is funding the movement. Doing so, they suggest, will cancel out their grassroots beginning and “show they have the same cynical motivation as a political opponent”. The memo insists doing so, “will undermine their credibility in a profound way. A key strategic goal will ultimately be to show any evidence of fraud on the other side.” READ MORE HERE…..

Read the full CLGC memo from MSNBC here.

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