Occupy Wall Streeter Protester shot with rubber bullets

It happened, it wasn’t that secretive, in some cases, it made the news, and it happened over decades. The events and the manipulations of events that led to the deregulation of Corporate America and the Wall Street Bankers, leading to the absolute subjugation of our government and in turn the people, to their whims, and abuse, with the underlying theme of total control and greed being the motive for the bottom line. No concern for casualties or long term effects, no concern for environmental destruction, world pollution, humanity suffering, their long range forecast, money, money and more money, bulging their accounts and making them, the filthy rich, the elitists snobs. Meanwhile, as they manipulated the educational system over the last 40 years, emphasizing to the youth the importance of privatization and deregulation with smiles on their faces, stating with false bravado, that you, too, could get to where they were, just by electing those individuals who adhere to their deceitful goals. They put into your heads, that your pipe dreams can become reality, just by following their path, the path that is littered with dead bodies and stolen riches. But be assured, only the chosen few, gain access to their lofty heights. They are THE BEAST. You see where we are, are you going to jump into the Abyss, or are you going to support those who are trying to get your Nation back, the Occupy Wall Street Movement?