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Miracles are nice but Nuclear Meltdown

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Things continue to be going from bad to worst in Japan. The Japanese government minimal public disclosure of the catastrophic events occurring in that country can be expected, our own government disinterest in the world-wide implications of this momentous disaster can only be described as a dereliction of duty, not only, to the people of the United States, but to the world! Yet again, another example of the United States having lost the moral high ground as it continues its downward spiral from a model of democratic ideals and freedom with a concern for the welfare of its citizens to a Corporate Monolith Entity with a life of its own whose only interest is an insatiable appetite for wealth.

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  2. So long term prognosis of nuclear energy, extremely unsafe. If the power grid of the United States, and or, any Nation, that utilizes nuclear reactors for their energy needs, has a long term interruption, say in terms of weeks or months, say, due to the intense solar flares that are now occurring on the sun, then you could have world-wide meltdowns!

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