Dennis Kucinich -

A War Based on Lies

Nine years ago this country went down a path that has been calamitous for our people, for our soldiers, and for the Iraqi civilians. I led the effort then to oppose the Iraq war resolution, and I also investigated the supposed reasons we were told this war was necessary. We found that there was no proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction nor the capability of attacking the United States of America. In short, the war in Iraq was based on lies.
Nine years later, over a millions innocent Iraqis lost their lives, thousands of U.S. troops who love this country sacrificed their lives, tens of thousands of troops were injured, and we have spent over $3 trillion of our tax dollars.
I recorded the following video to explain what’s happened and what we need to do to set a new direction – one that protects America by protecting our way of life with jobs and healthcare:

With your support, we’ll continue to challenge the war first mentality that wastes lives and money while we need so much investment here at home. I will continue to be the voice of truth and justice in our Congress.
Let’s set America in a new direction.
With respect,
Dennis Kucinich