Dennis is a good man, he knows the truth about Washington, he tries his best against the machine. He can’t do it alone, he is one of the very few stalwarts left in our government. They most certainly would like to see him not make it. If anyone deserves your support, it’s Dennis, please consider making a contribution. He may not represent your district, but he represents ALL the people of the United States.

Dennis Kucinich -

Dear Friend,
14 million Americans are out of work. And while Washington has found enough money to bail out the banks, American families and Main Street are struggling. We need a bold solution to create jobs – and quickly. The banks and the private sector aren’t doing it, so government needs to step up to the plate.
Last week, I proposed the National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act. This act would put the Federal Reserve under the Treasury Department and authorize it to spend money directly into the economy to create jobs. We shouldn’t have to borrow from China to invest in our own country. Congress has the constitutional power to coin money – and in circumstances like we’re facing now, we should use it.
I recorded this video for you to talk more about the NEED act and what I am doing in Congress:

I will continue to fight for ordinary Americans and bold ideas like this in Congress, but I need your help. I am facing a tough election, and our movement needs your support. With an important fundraising deadline approaching this Friday, any contribution you could make

would mean a great deal to me.
Thank you.
Dennis Kucinich